IJA 2020 Online Joggling Championships

IJA 2020 Online World Joggling Results

There were two categories in the IJA 2020 Online Joggling Championships:

  • Fun Run: No entry fee or requirement for a video.
  • Competitive: An entry fee was paid and a continuous video of the juggling pattern had to be submitted, with entrants eligible for awards and official IJA recognition.

To see a good sample of the IJA 2020 joggling, watch this fun joggling compilation video. If you have questions, please email joggling2020@juggle.org.

The final results are shown below. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks go to all our entrants in both categories! Certificates are being emailed, and medalists will be contacted with additional instructions.

Competitive Joggling Results

EventPlacementDiv.Name of JogglerTimeAchievement
3b 100 meterGoldB12Joshua Black19.42
SilverB12Caleb Black20.66
GoldG17Marla Edgecomb21.45
GoldWMJoAnn Ireland21.24#4 IJA all time in division
SilverWMJill Edgecomb32.78#10 IJA all time in division
GoldB17Davld Pavlove Cunsolo16.50
GoldMOSterling Franklin13.96
SilverMOCraig Muhlenkamp18.20
BronzeMOChristoph Mitasch19.87
3b 400 meterGoldB12Joshua Black2:05
SilverB12Caleb Black2:43
GoldG17Marla Edgecomb2:00.72
GoldWMJoAnn Ireland2:02.71#9 IJA all time in division
SilverWMJill Edgecomb2:57.68
GoldMOSterling Franklin1:02.40#10 IJA all time
SilverMOCraig Muhlenkamp1:21.63
BronzeMOChristoph Mitasch1:28.33
GoldMMLen Ferman1:17
3b 800 meterGoldB12Caleb Black8:45
GoldG17Marla Edgecomb5:02.70
GoldWMJoAnn Ireland5:28.43#4 IJA all time in division
SilverWMJill Edgecomb7:09.43#6 IJA all time in division
GoldMOHenry Wellenstein2:19.14#3 IJA all time
SilverMOSterling Franklin2:22.34#6 IJA all time
BronzeMOCraig Muhlenkamp3:16.47Tie declared since video limited a precise time
BronzeMOChristoph Mitasch3:16.67Tie declared since video limited a precise time
Mile times below are first to be reported by the IJA for these divisions (not typical IJA event)
3b MileGoldB12Caleb Black19:47
GoldG17Marla Edgecomb10:45.43
GoldMOSterling Franklin5:29.97
SilverMOCraig Muhlenkamp6:54.20
3b 5KGoldMOMichael Bergeron16:49.67New World Record (video)
SilverMOSterling Franklin19:43
BronzeMOChristoph Mitasch23:34
MOKoutaro Kawano24:07
MOCraig Muhlenkamp26:17
5b 100mGoldB12Joshua Black2:11
SilverB12Caleb Black2:13
GoldWMJoAnn Ireland1:12.54#2 IJA all time in division
SilverWMJill Edgecomb3:31.79#3 IJA all time in division
GoldB17Davld Pavlove Cunsolo30.20
GoldMOSterling Franklin55.57
5b 400mGoldB12Joshua Black6:31
SilverB12Caleb Black6:33
GoldWMJoAnn Ireland6:59.52#2 IJA all time in division
GoldB17Davld Pavlove Cunsolo3:03.73#7 IJA all time in division
GoldMOSterling Franklin5:29.76
7b 100mGoldB17Davld Pavlove Cunsolo1:37.37#10 IJA all time in division

Additional Competitive Entries

3b200mSterling Franklin29.12#9 IJA all time
3b600mSterling Franklin1:44.90New World Record (beats 2019 inaugural record by 4.07s)
3b3KSterling Franklin11:10.9IJA inaugural record
4b100mSterling Franklin15.78IJA inaugural record
4b200mSterling Franklin40.47IJA inaugural record
4b400mSterling Franklin1:49.36IJA inaugural record
5b200mSterling Franklin2:42.20#8 IJA all time
7b100mSterling Franklin14:13
3b100m contortionistBarry Goldmeier2:10.53*
3b400mBarry Goldmeier3:36.93*
3b800mBarry Goldmeier6:57.49*
3bMileBarry Goldmeier14:30.21*
3b5KBarry Goldmeier51:06*
5b100mBarry Goldmeier2:42.46*
5b400mBarry Goldmeier3:34.30*
3b400mJoAnn Ireland2:00.55*
3b800mJoAnn Ireland5:05.12*
3bMileJoAnn Ireland11:52*
3b5KJoAnn Ireland40:11*
*unverifiable from provided video

Fun Run Honorable Mentions:

3b100m Shotputs
(5 kg each)
Chris Fowler15.96New World Record (video)
(recognized by www.recordholders.org)
3b800mAaron Scott2:35.41
3bMileAaron Scott5:21.87
3b5KAaron Scott17:47

Road run times are verified to the reported accuracy, as there were no markings.