IJA Festival Competitions

Check this page as the festival draws near for the latest updates on the IJA Festival Competitions!
Dates and times soon to be announced.

Numbers Championships

Friday, June 20 – 1-4 PM

The competitors in the IJA Numbers Championships challenge each other as well as all past Numbers champions — and the laws of physics! See who can successfully juggle, individually and in teams, the greatest numbers of balls, clubs, rings and bounced balls. Cash prizes will be awarded, including a special prize for breaking IJA Numbers records.

Individuals interested in competing must read the IJA Numbers Championships Rules. You may also like to see the IJA Numbers Records.

See the Numbers Co-Directors at the fest to sign up. Send questions to them at numbers@juggle.org.

Each event champion will receive a $100 prize. There is an additional $100 bonus for a winning competitor that breaks an IJA record!


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Individuals Numbers Events:
• Individual Balls
• Individual Rings
• Individual Clubs
• Individual Ball Bouncing

Teams Numbers Events:
• Ball Passing
• Ring Passing
• Club Passing
• Ball Bounce Passing
• Three-Person Club Passing

IJA Joggling World Championships

Saturday, July 21 – 8am-12PM
Blake Track at Springfield College

The IJA Festival will once again feature the IJA Joggling World Championships. Get ready to give your body and brain an amazing workout with this competition that exercises all four limbs simultaneously!
This years’ joggling event will feature: 

1600 Meters – 3 Balls
100 Meters – 3 Balls
100 Meters – 5 Balls
400 Meters – 3 Balls
100 Meters – 7 Balls
400 Meters – 5 Balls
800 Meters – 3 Balls
4 x 100 Meters – 3 Balls

Each event will have separate categories for males and females and separate divisions for 12 and under, 13-17, 18-39, 40 and above.

Learn more about joggling and this year’s details on the Joggling Info and Records page.

IJA Joggling Coordinator, Emily Moore, joggling2018@juggle.org

Individual Prop Competition

This year in Springfield there will be three individual prop competitions: 3 clubs, 3 rings, and 3 balls. Each event will have a 90-second time limit. Jugglers will perform single-prop routines to music of their own choice and be judged on technique, presentation and choreography.

Not open to competitors using the same prop in any of the Stage Championships (Juniors, Individuals and Teams).

For the policy on music used in this competition, see the IJA Music Policy.


XJuggling is the fast paced, non-stop, best trick competition. This is about pushing the limits of creativity and possibility. You’ll see the best jugglers in the world pull off their most incredible, insane, cutting-edge tricks — or crash and burn.

For more info visit our Extreme Juggling page or contact organizer Jack Kalvan at xjuggling2018@juggle.org. (Day & time TBA)

Games of the IJA

The IJA Games are always a highlight of the festival! Endurance games, Simon says, soap juggling, wheelbarrow racing, handstand endurance, unicycle gladiators – all these and more are options for this year’s games.

All fest attendees are invited to play!