2020 IJA Juggling Championships Competitors

2020 Championships Competitors

Entry to compete now closed

For this year’s online festival — IJA 2020 Online — entries in the IJA Juggling Championships are videos recorded specifically for this competition, in Individuals and Juniors divisions.

Although the deadline for scoring the competitors has passed, IJA members can still view the 2020 Championships entries. Sign in with your IJA username and password.

Enjoy the Championships! The winners will be announced on Saturday, July 18, in the Cascade of Stars.

Below is information about this year’s competitors.


Eric Jackson

Hazel Bock Since she can remember, Hazel Bock has always loved being on stage, thriving on making the audience smile and gasp. She has performed at countless festivals, celebrations and corporate events around Australia and across the globe. Hazel has worked with established circus companies, including four years with the internationally acclaimed Circus Oz, many tours with Circus Quirkus, and guest spots with Circus Monoxide, CIRCA, and Robinson’s Family Circus. Most recently, she has been performing with GOP on the German variety circuit. Hazel specializes in juggling and foot juggling. This is one girl with a set of very clever toes.

Kohei Itabashi I want to make juggling more popular by performing and teaching. We jugglers say a three-ball cascade is basic juggling, but non-jugglers think “the three-ball cascade is so difficult!” So I thought of two-ball juggling skills and teach them to beginning jugglers.

Eric Jackson


Thomas Whitaker My name is Thomas Whitaker, AKA Tomoso The JuGgLeR. I am sixteen years old. Juggling has been my main ultimate passion since September 2016, when I first learned how to juggle three balls. This took me two weeks to master during that month. Juggling has helped and taught me so much. Over time, I have picked up different types of juggling tricks and have been involved in multiple variety shows at my secondary school. I run a YouTube Channel, (Tomoso The JuGgLeR), where I upload edits of my juggling talent. In addition, I have an Instagram page (@tomoso_the_juggler), which so far, has reached over 600 followers. This is my first ever juggling competition. It is a total privilege to be involved in the 2020 IJA Online Championships. I am feeling very positive and am determined to do my best for the IJA.

Zaila Avant-garde Hello. My name is Zaila Avant-garde. I am thirteen years old, and I love juggling. I’ve been juggling since I was about five years old. I mainly juggle basketballs, but I can also juggle other things such as tennis balls, tennis rackets, training axes, and lots of other stuff. I am also a Guinness World Records title holder for the most bounce juggles with three basketballs in one minute . I am looking forward to years of working hard, learning, and getting better. Thanks.

David Pavlove Cunsolo is from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He has been fascinated by juggling since a young age, when he used to watch the local juggling club practice. He later joined that same club (JOUG), and Mike Moore taught him how to juggle. Since then, David has never looked back. His love of juggling has expanded to attending various festivals, where he has enjoyed meeting such a talented, friendly, and diverse group of people. David has always been creative, from making a 52-foot duct tape parade float with friends, to trying to recreate Claude Shannon’s juggling machine (with limited success!). He has been inspired by others to build or modify some of his own props. David is excited to be able to participate in the Online IJA Juniors Competition during this most unusual year. He hopes you enjoy his performance.