Music Policy

1. What are the rules for the use of music in IJA competitions?
1. IJAチャンピオンシップの音楽使用のに関する規定とは何ですか?
If you are entering any IJA competition with an act set to music, you must make sure that the IJA has a legal right to use that music in your live performance. You are no longer required to provide the legal right to use your music on our videos, however if you don’t have those rights the IJA will dub over your act with different music on the video.

By entering any IJA competition you agree that the IJA has performance rights for all of your music.

2. I’m entering a competition. What rights do I need?
2. IJAチャンピオンシップに参加する場合は、どんな著作権が必要なんですか?
You need the rights to use your music in your live performance. The IJA will purchase live performance licensing from BMI and ASCAP for the festival. This license includes 98% of the music heard on the radio. If your music is covered by these licenses, then the IJA already has the rights it needs and you don’t need to do anything.
出場者はパフォーマンスに使う音楽をパフォーマンス内で使用する権利を有していなければなりません。IJAはフェスティバルの際に、BMI とASCAP登録音楽をパフォーマンスの際に使える権利を買っています。登録音楽にはラジオで流れる98%の音楽が含まれており、出場者がパフォーマンス時に使う音楽がこのリストに含まれていれば、出場者は問題なくパフォーマンス時にその音楽を使うことが出来ます。

Complete listings of the music covered by the IJA’s licensing is available here:
以下がIJAのパフォーマンスで使えるBMI とASCAP登録音楽リストです。

If your music is not covered by these licenses you will need to obtain permission from both the composer and performer.

3. Will my music be on the DVD?
3. 自分の使う音楽はIJAのDVDの中で使われますか?
The IJA can only use your music on the DVD if you can provide adequate proof of publishing rights. For commercial music this is much more difficult and expensive than performance rights. The IJA cannot provide any music licensing for the DVD.

There are two sorts of license needed to use music on a DVD: one for the composition and one for the recording. They are called the master use license and synch rights. You will need to obtain both licenses for each piece of music you use. For original music you may use the form provided at the bottom of this page.
DVDで音楽を使うには作曲とレコーディングの2種類の権限が必要です。前者はMaster Use License(マスターユースライセンス)、後者はSynch Right(シンクライト)と呼ばれています。この2つの権限がパフォーマンスで使用する全ての音楽に必要となります。オリジナルの音楽を使用する場合はこのページの下の使用権限申請書を利用ください。

The IJA, along with our DVD replication company, will determine if the proof of publishing rights are adequate. This decision cannot be made at the festival.

If you cannot obtain adequate proof of publishing rights your music will be dubbed over on the DVD.

4. Can I use royalty free music?
4. ロイヤルティフリーの音楽を使えますか?
Yes. If you provide the name of the company you bought it from, the name of the track, a copy of the license agreement that came with the CD or download and proof of purchase, we will very likely be able to use it on the DVD.
5. Where can I find royalty free music?
5. ロイヤルティフリーの音楽はどこで見つかりますか?
You can buy CDs of royalty free music in various styles from a variety of vendors. Typically they cost $100 per CD or $30 per track and up. Here are some sources:

There are many more and most of them will let you listen to the music on their web site before you buy the rights.

6. How can I get synch rights and master use license for a popular song? Can I get them through ASCAP, BMI or Harry Fox?
6. ポップ音楽を使う場合どうやったら出版、放送権を得られますか?ASCAP、BMI、HarryFoxなどにコンタクトするんですか?
No. Those agencies only license music for broadcast, live performance or audio reproduction. For rights to include a song on a DVD, you need to go to the record company directly. They all have a licensing department. Unfortunately, the rights from major record companies are usually expensive, from $600 total for a little known song or artist, up to thousands of dollars for a popular hit. There is an agency called the Music Bridge that can help you obtain these rights if you have difficulty contacting the record company.
ASCAP、BMI、HarryFoxなどの会社はテレビやラジオの放送、パフォーマンスと音楽のカバー演奏に関する権利を扱っています。DVDにパフォーマンスの際の音楽を載せたい場合はレコード会社の著作権課と直接交渉する必要があります。しかし、大きなレコード会社の場合、あまり有名でないアーティストや曲で600 ドル以上、人気のアーティストや曲となると何千ドル、と大変高価になります。レ
7. I’m talking to the licensing department and they want more information on the DVD.
7. 著作権を扱う機関と交渉中で、IJAのDVDに関する詳細な情報を求められました。
The DVD is produced by the
    International Jugglers’ Association
a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, EIN 16-1111652. It will be called “Highlights and Championships XXXX” (or “Individual Prop Competition XXXX”) where XXXX is the current year. No more than 1,000 copies of the video will be made, in a single edition to be produced in the current year. The contact person at the IJA is the video coordinator listed on the web site,
    International Jugglers’ Association
a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, EIN 16-1111652
ビデオ情報 “Highlights and Championships XXXX” (または “Individual Prop Competition XXXX”)
(XXXX のところに年度が入ります)
責任者:IJAのサイトのVideo Coordinator参照
8. I found a web site where I can get mech rights to a song. Is that OK?
8. インターネットのサイトでMechanical License(メカニカルライセンス)を得られるらしいのですが、これで大丈夫でしょうか?
No. Mech rights allow you to put a cover version of a song on your audio CD. They do not give permission for live performances or videos.
9. Is it OK if I use classical music?
9. クラシック音楽なら大丈夫でしょうか?
Not necessarily. There are two copyrights associated with every recording – one for the composition, owned by the composer or their music publisher, and one for the performance, owned by the performer or their record company. So, if you want to use a recording of the 1812 Overture made by the Chicago Symphony, you don’t have to worry about the copyright of the composer, but you still need to get synch rights to that particular recording. If you find a MIDI file of classical music on the web and play it through your computer or a synthesizer, then you will own that recording and can do what you like with it. You can also purchase royalty free versions of many classical pieces here
レコーディングされた音楽の著作権には作曲の権限(作曲者か音楽販売者がこれを有する)と演奏の権限(演奏者かレコード会社がこれを有する)の2つがあります。例えば、シカゴ交響楽団によって演奏された「序曲1812年」を使用したい場合、作曲の権限には問題がありませんが、演奏の権限であるSynch Right(シンクライト)が必要になります。クラシック音楽のMIDIファイルをインターネット上で入手し、自分のパソコンやシンセサイザーで演奏した場合、演奏の権限は自分のものとなるため自分の使いたいように使うことが出来ます。
10. Can I use live music?
10. 生演奏を用いることは可能でしょうか?
Yes, if the composition is original or public domain or you have permission from the composer. The musician(s) will also have to sign an IJA video release.
11. What about the Creative Commons license?
11. CC(クリエイティブ・コモンス)ライセンスについて教えてもらえますか?
There are a variety of Creative Commons licenses, each of which give you different rights. See the license overview page on the Creative Commons web site for a summary. Music released under the “Attribution” and “Attribution No Derivatives” licenses will be no problem; just make sure you tell us how to attribute the music. In other cases you will have to contact the copyright owner. A Creative Commons license suggests that the owner of the copyright is likely to be open to licensing it for other uses, either free or for a minimal fee. If you find Creative Commons music on the web that you like, you should contact the composer and performer to obtain the necessary rights. It may help if you tell them that the IJA is a non-profit organization.
CC(クリエイティブ・コモンス)ライセンスにはたくさんの種類があり、その概要はCC ライセンスのホームページに書かれています。「Attribution」または「Attribution No Derivative」でリリースされた音楽の使用は問題ありませんが、出場者の具体的な曲への関わりを説明する必要があります。それ以外の場合は著作権の持ち主に連絡をする必要があります。CC ライセンスの著作権の持ち主は大概無料、または安値で音楽の使用を認めてくれる傾向にあります。使いたいCC ライセンスの曲をインターネット上で見つけた場合は、著作権の持ち主と演奏者に連絡を取りましょう。IJAが非営利団体と伝えると良い返事がもらいやすいです。
12. I found a web site with free MP3 downloads. Can I use those?
12. MP3フリーダウンロードのホームページを見つけたのですが、そこでダウンロードした音楽は使えますか?
Probably not. Most web sites that allow music downloads place restrictions on subsequent use of the music. However, as with the creative commons license, the fact that a track is available for free download means that it is likely that the artist will be willing to grant the necessary rights freely or for a minimal fee.
多くの場合使用できません。音楽をダウンロードできるサイトの多くにはダウンロードした音楽を他の場所で使用するのに制限がかかっています。しかしCC ライセンスと同様、ダウンロードが無料の音楽はアーティストに連絡すれば、曲の使用許可を無料または安値で得ることが大概できます。
13. Can I use copyright material other than music? For instance, a video from a TV show or a copyright character from cartoons, TV or movies?
13. テレビ番組の1シーンや、テレビ、映画、アニメのキャラクターなど、音楽以外で著作権のあるものを使用可能でしょうか?
We don’t have a rule against this, so you would not be prevented from entering the competition. However, we may not be able to show your act in our videos, and you might not be able to market that act in any professional venue. We advise against this.
14. Can I make “fair use” of copyright music by using a brief quote?
14. 著作権のある音楽を「正当な利用」であることを説明する文章を作成すれば、使用可能ですか?
There are no simple rules to determine what is fair use under the copyright act, and fair use cases have sometime gone to the Supreme Court. If the owner of the copyright agrees this is fair use, or if you get a legal opinion saying that it is, then we will accept it.
15. Can I make “fair use” of copyright music by using a brief quote?
15. 著作権のある音楽を「正当な利用」であることを説明する文章を作成すれば、使用可能ですか?
Any competition that may include music. Currently, that’s the Stage Championships (Individuals, Teams and Juniors) and the Individual Prop Competition.
曲を使用する競技大会は全て該当します。今のところ、個人およびチームのIJAチャンピオンシップ、そしてIndividual Prop Competition(道具別コンペティション)の2つです。
16. What do I need to do to compete?
16. 大会に出場するために、何を提出すればいいですか?
The Stage Championships Entry Form will guide you through everything you need to do to compete.

  • If you are using BMI or ASCAP-licensed music, you will be asked the artist and track name(s).
    BMI やASCAPによって使用が許可されている音楽を使う場合は、アーティスト名と曲名
  • If you have purchased video recording rights to your music, you will need to provide artist name, track name, source, and proof of purchase.
  • If the composer and/or recording artist has granted you video recording rights to your music, you will be asked to complete the Public Performance/Synchronization Rights/Master Use License.
    作曲者と(または)アーティスト自身から音楽利用が認められた場合、Public Performance(公共演奏)/Synchronization Rights(シンクライト)/Master Use(マスターユース) のライセンスを記入すること
  • If you are not using recorded music, you will not have to do anything.