2018 IJA Stage Championships Finalists


Congratulations to the finalists of the 2018 IJA Stage Championships!

These competitions will be held during the IJA Festival at Symphony Hall in Springfield, MA.

  • Juniors Championships: Wednesday, July 18
  • Individuals and Teams Championships: Thursday, July 19

Both shows start at 7:30pm.


Kentaro Tsuchiya invites you to please enjoy his show, “The Art of Foot Juggling.”

Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse has been juggling for eight years and is currently a sophomore at Amherst College. He hopes to share his technical juggling achievements over the past year with this routine.

Masayuki Furuya is the number one plate spinner in Japan. Masa has a unique style, which is now forming the basis of a new genre of juggling in Japan. He has invented not only new plate spinning tricks, but also special plates called “INNE.” With INNE, Masa will show you a whole new world of plate spinning.

Makoto Hanada is a juggler from Japan, who specializes in plate spinning. His style is different from the famous Chinese style plate spinning. He puts great effort towards the development of the Japanese plate spinning community as a trick inventor, and his performance is filled with original tricks that people have never seen before.

Ueno Aki is a stick artist who is on the cutting edge in the field of devil sticks. He has been engaged in the development of a lot of devil stick tricks.


Cosmic Cousins
Eli March and Scramble James, have been juggling together for four years now. They are the co-producers of Circus Luminescence, an LED and theatrical vaudeville troupe based out of Portland, Oregon. They both discovered juggling and circus arts in the Humboldt Circus while at HSU and have since made a career out it. As close friends who would pass many hours juggling together (pun intended) they decided it was time for a bid at the IJA. Using the new programmable Vision Clubs by Flowtoys, they create routines that are a beautiful visual feast.

KK Staff consists of Japanese staff jugglers, Keiichiro Kato and Takumi Ohkur, who will perform a unique style of staff juggling for you.

The LemonHeads, Isaac Cantor and Joshua Nelson, have been juggling together for the past four years as part of JUGHEADS Youth Juggling Company in Edina, Minnesota. Lemonade by Alex Boy was the first song they performed to and the name the LemonHeads has stuck with them ever since. When they first performed together they were nine and fourteen years old. You do the math to find their current ages! Their height difference has lessened through the years, but they still enjoy using the 15″ difference in unique ways. Throughout the years they have enjoyed hours of practicing together along with hours of fun. In 2017, the LemonHeads performed at the MONDO Juggling Festival in St. Paul, Minnesota. Isaac and Joshua are excited for the opportunity to bring their new routine to the IJA stage.


Christopher Haaser (17) began juggling in 2009. He has amazed audiences with his juggling skills in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and Quebec. At the age of 10, Christopher juggled seven balls and performed for Spooky Woods, a TV commercial filmed in North Carolina. He was an eight-time podium finisher at the 2014 IJA joggling competition. He currently juggles balls, rings, clubs, fire torches, knives, and much more. Other interests include chess, kendama, dominoes, kinetic contraptions, trampoline, skiing, kayaking, and more.

Sho Kasuya (16) Hello! My name is Sho Kasuya, I’m from Japan, nice to meet you. I will perform using a tool called flower stick. It is not a very famous tool, but it is very deep. Everyone may see it for the first time. I think that I would be able to convey charm.

Ethan Brain (17) is a juggling artist and instructor currently based out of North Carolina. He has been juggling for eleven years and his work focuses on bringing elements from theater into the juggling world. Ethan has taught classes of young jugglers and worked in both private and festival settings. In addition to juggling, Ethan is an accomplished cellist and visual artist.

Kyle Albrecht (17) started juggling three years ago and has been performing shows for the last year. Ball juggling is his favorite. Kyle is getting ready to start his senior year in high school where he is the driver coach for his First Robotics Team and a member of the marching band. He is also studying to be a pilot and plans to attend Western Michigan University College of Aviation. He enjoys doing juggling shows and hopes you enjoy his “Greatest Show.” .

Grant Bishop (14) began juggling two years ago at age twelve. He developed an instant passion for it, focusing primarily on technical tricks. He is now working on incorporating artistry and creativity with his technical skills. He lives in Los Angeles with his twin sister and two older brothers. Grant trains at Kinetic Theory Circus School. He works with the guidance of Stephanie Abrams, Patrick Brenstetter, and Rob Crites.