2020 IJA Online Shows


Get ready for a phenomenal week of shows and entertainment behind your very own computer screen! The IJA is very excited to be welcoming these performers to IJA 2020 Online.

Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show Quarantine Edition and IJA Welcome Show
Monday July 13 – 4:30pm PDT/7:30pm EDT/11:30pm UTC
IJA Benefit Show Boys and Girls Club El Paso, Texas
Tuesday July 14 – 4pm PDT/7pm EDT/11pm UTC
The Flow Show
Wednesday July 15 – 12pm PDT/3pm EDT/7pm UTC
The IRC Show
Friday July 17 – 5pm PDT/8pm EDT/12am UTC
Cascade of Stars
Saturday July 18 – 5pm PDT/8pm EDT/12am UTC

Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show Quarantine Edition and IJA Welcome Show

Monday July 13 4:30pm PDT/7:30pm EDT/11:30pm UTC

IJA Benefit Show Boys and Girls Club El Paso, Texas

Tuesday July 14 – 4pm PDT/7pm EDT/11pm UTC

The IJA Benefit Show 2020 is a wonderful, uplifting, entertaining 46 minute video that is a love letter telling the story of the creative variety of toss juggling. A truly collaborative effort, 48 performers from age 2 to 79, contribute from around the world in a joyous display of the Art of Juggling.

Performers in the order of first appearance:
Bill Barr WA
Marla Edgecomb WA
Kevin Axtell CA
Brandi Slater Axtell CA
Maya Leshikar WA
Taylor Glenn UT CA
Hotaro Japan
Kayla Malmgren MN and Elizabeth Stockbridge MN as The KEMS
Albert Lucas SC
Michael Karas NY
Mike Moore Ontario, Canada
Lisa Komatsubara New Zealand
Sonja Dearing Williamson ID
Lance Williamson ID
David Graham NH and Tobin Renwick NH as The Red Trouser Show
Aaron Williams CA
Jill Westover Edgecomb WA
Tommy Curtin TN
Emily Curtin TN
Kathryn Curtin TN
David Pavlove Cunsolo Ontario, Canada
Matthew Tiffany England
Peter Davison CO
Jen Slaw NY and
Gianluca Slaw NY
Patrick McGuire OR and Vivian McGuire OR
Jeremiah Johnston CA
Tuey Wilson MN
Bob Nickerson PA
Bronkar Lee GA as Collision of Rhythm
Bennett Santora NY
Chris Hodge VA
Sofia Noethe MN and Tom Gaasedelen MN and Jack Levy MN as The Popcorn Club
Nicolas Souren FL
Tom Dewart OR
Sammie Vance IN
Dannie Vance IN
Aaron Vance IN
John Vance IN
Jon Wee CA and Owen Morse CA as The Passing Zone
Hovey Burgess NY

Producer Director – William A Barr WA
Assistant Director – Shana Lehnert CO
Editor – David Pavlove Cunsolo Ontario, Canada

Flow Show

Wednesday July 15 12pm PDT/3pm EDT/7pm UTC


Muarcela, un pequeño dinosaurio mexicano, que va por las praderas de la vida desde hace más de 3 años. Inició este tipo de hooping debido a una condición médica que la llevo a explorar de esta forma el rolling en piso y la manipulación de 3, 5 y 7 objetos. Tallerista, y juez en algunos eventos por el WHD (World Hoop Day) y actualmente patrocinada por una marca mexicana de Hula “Allis hoops”

English translation:
Muarcela, a small Mexican dinosaur, that has been in the grasslands of life for more than 3 years. He started this type of hooping due to a medical condition that led him to explore floor rolling and manipulating 3, 5 and 7 objects in this way. Workshop owner, and judge in some events by WHD (World Hoop Day) and currently sponsored by a Mexican brand of Hula “Allis hoops”

Instagram: @muarcela

Ty White

My name is Ty White, I’m from Los Angeles, California. I’m a content creator for video / photography & I vibe off of being a bboy or a kendama player! Kendama has been with me since 2013 & I found a strong connection with playing either solo or in a community!

Facebook: KendamaMastaz
Instagram: @KendamaMastaz

Valerie Solstix


The artistic finesse and charming grace of Valerie Solstix is internationally renowned. Best known from her duo performances Solstix and group work Allstaffs, Valerie is now pursuing her career as a solo performer.

Facebook: Solstix
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/31344527
YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYSijoqg6GI

Luna Shaktman


Luna has had spent 7 years practicing juggling and object manipulation. She is community taught and forever grateful for the life and family juggling has brought her. Shes happy to have the chance to share today and hopes you enjoy this moment of play.

Instagram: @shoopdaluna42


“I juggle since 9 years now, and I began my research on umbrellas 5 years ago, but it’s only since 2019 I really began to explore more on this prop.

I build Mimetis, my circus company with a friend 3 years ago, and I’m in love with zebras.

I would like a lot of feedback, and people can find me on instagram if they want to give me some. “

Instagram: @Jeansou_mimetis

Cory & Alicia

Cory & Alicia discovered the world of flow arts while searching for inspiration for their wedding. Since then, they’ve worked to spread the joy of flow arts to others. When they’re not spinning, you can find Drs. Cory & Alicia researching LEDs and Carbon Capture. They are bringing The Funk to the Flow Show with their disco duet.
Instagram: @coryandalicia_poi

Liza Van Brakel

Born in 1994, Liza (no s) grew up in the Netherlands and started doing circus at a very young age. She joined the youth circus in her hometown and from that moment on she fell in love with the circus. She studied Circus at the University of Arts in Rotterdam. In these 4 years she started to combine two of her favorite disciplines, object manipulation and acro-dance. She has been always looking at juggling from a movement and physical perspective. Always sweating to the max to search for impossibilities between juggling and movement and make them possible.

Instagram: @Lizavanbrakel

IRC Show

Friday July 17 – 5pm PDT/8pm EDT/12am UTC

Anderson Pereira da Silva


Anderson Pereira da Silva is from São Paulo, Brazil. He has been juggling for 17 years and has worked in various circuses around the world including in Saudi Arabia, China, Italy and many circuses in Brazil. Juggling has given him the opportunity to travel to more than 14 countries.


Hazel Bock


Since she can remember, Hazel Bock has always loved being on stage, thriving on making the audience smile and gasp. She has performed at countless festivals, celebrations and corporate events around Australia and across the globe.

She worked with established circus companies including four years with the internationally acclaimed Circus Oz, many tours with Circus Quirkus and guest spots with Circus Monoxide, CIRCA and Robinson’s Family Circus. Hazel was awarded the IRC Oceania silver medal in 2017 and bronze medal in 2018.

Most recently she has been performing with GOP on the German variety circuit. Hazel specializes in Juggling and Foot Juggling. This is one girl with a set of very clever toes.

Brayan Poblador


Brayan Poblador is a juggler from northern Mexico who specializes in the style of club contact juggling.

Nohelia Zúniga


Nohelia has been dedicated to the performing arts for 5 years. She started with the theater then sge found creative freedom in the circus where she has been able to weave her wings with circles, seek the uncertain stability of balance and meet wonderful and inspiring people.

She was the IRC Central American silver medalist in 2019.

Alexis Levillon


I wanted to create an act with a character and his universe. I’ve always been a nerd so what could be more natural than showing it on stage. In order to better understand the role-play and better caricature the nerd, I was helped by Asger Gomez Frøkov, a Danish clown of great renown. Attending Asger’s workshop allowed me to discover the practice of the clown and opened the doors to a new artistic world that I want to explore.

I quit my job to become a full-time artist earlier this year. This act represents the feelings I have while being an artist, between the obligation to perform to pay the rent, the pleasure of being on stage, obstacles, failures, desires and the success on stage.

Braulio Lopez


I’m an autodidact artist and I started to juggling 14 years ago. In those years, I learned and practiced with a lot of professional jugglers. I performed in many juggling and circus conventions and festivals around the world (Poland, Brazil, México, USA, French, Germany, Belgium) as well as in different workshops of manipulation with hats.

With my manipulation and juggling act with hats, on 2015 I was the winner in the IJA Regional Competition – IRC México and silver medal in the Festival Astros Atayde Circus. On 2016 I was invited to perform in the Cascade of Stars night in the IJA Festival. On 2017 I won the gold medal in the IRC México with my new balancing act with swords and glasses. In 2018 I worked in the show Kalesi in the Festival Internacional de Artes Escénicas Querétaro produced by La Fiesta Escénica. In 2019 I performed in the winter shows of Circo Atayde Hermano; I worked on cabaret Delux delux in Australia; in Germany I participted in Newcomershow and in At.tension Festival.

The last years, I was working in hotwels in Puerto Vallarta, México, performing with my differents juggling acts.

Kabul Sisters


Rabia, Sabina and Nazanin are three sisters who have grown up in the MMCC Global circus program in Kabul, Afghanistan. They have grown to be some of the top jugglers and circus artists in Afghanistan, winning the IRC South Asia Gold Medal in 2019!

Armand Ouendlamita

Burkina Faso

Armand Ouendlamita is a circus artist based in Burkina Fasao. He is the artistic director of the circus company “Hierarchy of the Baobab”. He was the winner of the gold medal in the first IJA Regional Competition Africa, a semi-finalist in Africa’s Got Talent, and the vice champion of the pan-African circus competition RICA. He teaches circus to local youth and has traveled to various countries in Africa for performing and cultural exchanges.

Daniela Corradi


My name is Daniela Corradi, I am a circus artist originally from Argentina. I learned about the juggling discipline in 2014. Since then I have learned and shared this technique in more than eight countries in Latin America.

I had the opportunity to present my work in different spaces such as the Circus Convention of Paraguay and the Paulista and Praiana conventions in Brazil. I was awarded the silver medal for IRC South America 2018.

Currently I live in Sao Paulo and I am part of the “6/12 circus” collective that works within the “Cultural Occupation Ouvidor 63”.


Bar Story Show


Cascade of Stars

Saturday July 18 5pm PDT/8pm EDT/12am UTC

Audrey Greaves

Audrey Greaves is a bounce juggler and college student from Seattle, Washington. Her performance credits include many corporate events in the Seattle area as well as two summers on tour with Circus Smirkus. She is excited to make her IJA debut!

Instagram: @greavescircus
Photo Credit: Travis Corsentino

Bow Juggler

I’m Bow, a 20 yr old French poi juggler and poi maker from the Things on strings Team.

People can buy my poi set here : https://www.etsy.com/listing/801122073/bow-poi-official-tos-pro-model

Instagram: @bow_juggler



Ermiyas Muluken is a professional circus artist with a focus on ladder acts, rolla bolla and juggling. After experimenting with rolla bola using a whiskey bottle, glass, and some wood, Ermiyas fell in love with circus. His professional training includes African Roots Circus School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, under the guidance of Zekarias Mekuria. Ermiyas has since performed in numerous acclaimed circus productions, including Mother Africa at New Victory Theater and more recently, in Cirque du Fringe: D’illusion at the Rochester Fringe Festival.

Ricardo S. Mendes


Born from a Portuguese Mother and Afro-American father, Ricardo was born the 3rd July 1994 in a small town in Portugal called Santiago do Cacem, he moved to Switzerland to study architecture at the age of 17 years old in 2011.

In Switzerland Ricardo developed a passion to circus arts and being on stage. While he studied architecture he started to take night classes in a small circus school called LeZarti’cirque, where he had dance classes, acrobatics and juggling for four years. In 2015 after finishing is architecture degree, Ricardo decided to continue to study and develop is art form (juggling) so he auditioned and was approved at Ecole de cirque de Lyon in France, where he truly found the juggling style he enjoys and where he feels most comfortable, in 2018 Ricardo finished is 2 year degree at Ecole de cirque de Lyon and auditioned to Higher education schools.

He entered Centre National des Arts du Cirque (CNAC) France in 2018, he will finish is studies there in 2020.

Ricardo juggling style is based on a combination of multiples styles and influences such as HipHop dance, contemporary dance, Floor work and acrobatics.

Selyna Bogino

Selyna Bogino was born on the 27th of April, 1990 in a small town in the north of Italy to Consuelo Reyes, the Queen of antipodists, and Paolo Bogino, an Italian acrobat known for his bicycle act. Her grandfather is Tito Reyes, a hand and head-balancer, and foot-juggler.

So, her love of circus came naturally…

At 8, she began intensive foot-juggling training, inspired by the work of her mother and in 2005 she created her solo act with help from her parents and ex-Moulin Rouge prima ballerina Kate Smyth. Selyna’s unique foot juggling act was an immediate success and was quickly signed by some of the top venues in Europe. Her career highlights include performing at the Tigerpalast Variete in Frankfurt, the Hansa Theater in Hamburg, Roncalli’s Apollo Varietè in Dusseldorf, Circus Krone in Munich, and with the cutting edge, rock and roll Circus Flic Flac in Nurenberg. In 2011, a YouTube video of one of her foot juggling practice sessions went viral and as of 2020 has racked up more than 1,8 million views! Through her hard work, dedication, and love of her craft Selyna was awarded the prestigious Silver Elephant at Moscow’s renowned Nikulin Circus Festival in September 2018, thus sealing her position as one of the world’s preeminent foot-jugglers, and carrying on her family’s tradition of excellence. Selyna first performed in North America in 2016 with California’s Flynn Creek Circus and is delighted to have the chance to share her work with American audiences again at this year’s IJA Festival.

Instagram: @selyna_faintglymmer

Chihhan Chao


Chihhan Chao, 26 years old Diabolo professional player, won his first championship at the age of 10, then he won the Championship in 2015/16 Redbull PAO diabolo battle contest.

After winning Asian Cup championship in both 2015/16, he got a title, “The Diablo Maestro” In 2016, he even won the gold award in one of the greatest Circus competitions in Paris, Cirque de Demain.

Instagram: @chihhan0517

Gandini Juggling

Formed in 1992 by world-renowned jugglers Sean Gandini and Kati Ylä-Hokkala, Gandini Juggling continues to be at the vanguard of contemporary circus, reinventing and reinvigorating juggling for the 21st century.


Vladik Miagkostoupov


Vladik is the son of Moscow Circus and showroom entertainers Anatoli & Irina Miagkostoupov. Arriving in the United States at the age of six, Vladik studied with his father and is now considered one of the world’s finest jugglers. Vladik was born on January 27, 1984 in Ukraine. His parents began touring internationally with him when he was only eight months old.

By the time he was six, his avid interest in juggling encouraged his father to begin training him in that field. He started his career in the United States at the age of eight, participating in small shows and conventions.

At nine he started performing professionally, he was invited to feature in “Passion” in Wendover, Nevada and went on to work “Magic 2010” at Trump’s Castle in Atlantic City. In 1995, the same year he received a gold medal at the Juniors International Juggling competition, he opened at the Flamingo Hilton with the New York City Rocketts.

Vladik has won numerous awards including a gold medal in Paris at the “Cirque De Demain” festival. Gold medal at the Juniors and Seniors of the International Juggling Association and the silver medal in China at the Wu Qiao festival.

In the last years Vladik has performed with some of the most known shows. He has worked 6 years with Cirque Du Soleil “Dralion”, the famous Lido De Paris and the cabaret in Monte Carlo. Vladik’s act incorporates an unusual combination of juggling, acrobatics and contemporary dance. His act is now known to be one of the best juggling acts in the world.

Sam Malcolm

An international award winning performer, Sam Malcolm has combined natural talent and a desire to make people laugh with hard work and dedication to his craft. With his athleticism and affinity for anything ridiculous, it’s no wonder Sam has become one of the world’s top jugglers. His skeptical and curious nature combined with his sarcastic, witty sense of humor have made him an innovative and original stand-up comic. Pairing his contemporary comedy with jaw-dropping juggling skills, Sam performs with his whole body and soul and does whatever it takes to make each show into its own one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

A man of many talents, Sam does more than impress or get a laugh. He uses his warmth and vivacity to connect others from all walks of life through a unique blend of honesty, humility, compassion, and of course, humor. This special blend of charisma enables him to speak out in his performances about issues he has experienced first hand or seen within his community and the world at large. He compels you to think critically about challenging ideas, but also to see the humor in our shared experiences.

Sam’s warmhearted nature has been with him his whole life. Born May 10, 1990, Sam is originally from the Stillwater Paiute-Shoshone Reservation. Growing up on the reservation, he witnessed and experienced first-hand the effects of discrimination, racism, poverty, and substance abuse on his community. His passion for connecting communities through performance stems from his desire to alleviate the pain of these realities from those around him. Sam aims to use his success as an entertainer as a way to inspire and educate youth from his community as well as those from similar paths. His love for his community and pride in his culture have been a constant motivation for him to be a positive example for the next generations.

Since a young age, Sam has taken part or shown interest in all forms of sports and displays of human physical ability. After learning how to juggle shortly before graduating High School in 2008, his natural propensity for the skill drove his interest forward. This eventually resulted in Sam moving to Denver, Colorado to explore more opportunities for training, and it was in Denver that his professional career began to take shape. With ambitions of pushing himself to new levels, Sam’s work ethic and focus allowed him to make a name for himself in a few short years as one of the world’s top jugglers. In 2013, Sam took home his first gold medal from the International Jugglers’ Association Numbers Championship. He has since won many awards related specifically to his juggling, including the Boulder Circus Arts Award, X Juggling Awards, and a finalist spot at the 2016 IJA Stage Championships.

With so many accomplishments as a juggler, it’s no surprise that Sam spent several years performing his solo juggling act in circuses. But even with so much success, he felt he was missing something. Seeking to connect more deeply with his audiences and speak his mind, Sam began working his way through local open-mic events, making a name for himself as a stand-up comedian. But somehow that wasn’t right either – he soon became frustrated by the short set times and missed the element of wonder and amazement juggling used to hold for his circus crowds. This led Sam to shift his focus away from standard venues and explore more modest avenues of performance where he could directly engage with people. Sam began street performing, showcasing his juggling skills while perfecting the tricky and sometimes risky art of making strangers laugh when they’re least expecting a show. He quickly developed a circle show for the street, then spent years tweaking and perfecting it into the incredible performance he’s internationally known for today. Sam’s hard-earned street show displays world-class juggling, stand-up comedy and physical comedy, and his passion for connecting with people from all walks of life is a central element that binds the experience together. He has adapted this performance into shows suitable in outdoor venues such as fairs and festivals, as well as making a now perfectly suited return to the traditional theatres, colleges, comedy clubs, and corporate events.

The exciting and raw nature of Sam’s show has made him a hit with audiences and won him countless performing awards, such as the San Diego Busker’s Festival People’s Choice Award and Best Outdoor Show at the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. Sam was also recently asked to open for 30 Seconds to Mars and Walk The Moon by Denver radio station 93.3 KTCL at their largest annual event, Denver’s Big Gig.

Today, while focusing on performing the best show possible, Sam devotes time and energy into giving back to his community. He is vocal about educating youth and overcoming stereotypes and he aims to be a positive role model with strong cultural values and principles. Sam also works to bring awareness to issues within Native communities through performance and programs with various tribes.

Instagram: @sammalcolmshow
Facebook: facebook.com/sammalcolmshow
Twitter: twitter.com/sammalcolm