IJA Festival Pricing

71st Annual IJA Festival
Springfield, Massachusetts
July 16 – 22, 2018

Event Package Prices, per person
Type Deadline Adult Youth Notes
Early Bird Closes at 11:59pm ET
on Feb 19
$220 $160 Only 150 Adult Early Bird packages will be sold
Advanced Closes at 11:59pm ET
on Mar 5
$240 $180 Only 60 Adult Advanced packages will be sold
Regular Closes at 11:59pm ET
on Jun 15
$260 $200 Jun 15 is the last day to pre-register for the fest
Youth Group Closes at 11:59pm ET
on Jun 15
$100 $100 Minimum 10 youths under 18; max 2 adult chaperone packages per 10 youths
VDP Vendor Closes at 11:59pm ET
on Jun 15
$100 Only 2 VDP Vendor Event Packages per Vendor Discount Program (VDP) participant; does not include brunch
On-Site Jul 17 – Jul 21 $280 $220 These are the prices at the fest
  • Adults are ages 18 and up.  Youths are ages 11-17.  Children 10 and under are free in the gym when accompanied by an adult with gym access.
  • Event Package includes gym admission for the week, access to all regular workshops, a ticket to each of the four evening shows at Symphony Hall, and a T-shirt. Except for the VDP Vendor Event Package, all Event Packages bought during pre-registration (by Jun 15) include brunch (days and times TBA).
  • Fest pre-registration is open through Jun 15, is only available online, and only offers: Event Packages, vendor items, and entry fees for Joggling and the Stage Championships.  Other items can be purchased on-site at the festival.
  • Fest registrants with Event Packages or Gym Passes must be IJA members.
Membership Prices
Adult (Age 18-Up) Youth (Age 11-17) Family Life
$29 $24 $34 $1250

All festival attendees must purchase an IJA membership to attend the festival. (No membership required to attend the evening shows in Symphony Hall; see prices below under Show Tickets.)

Gym Passes, Spectator Passes, Brunch & Other Fees
Item Price Item Price
Daily Gym Pass
Adult (Age 18-Up)
Included in Event Package
$45 Daily Gym Pass
Youth (Age 11-17)
Included in Event Package
Daily Spectator Pass $7 Brunch (included in Event Packages bought by Jun 15
except VDP Vendor Event Packages)
, days and times TBA
Stage Championships Entry Fee $25 Numbers Championships Entry Fee $15
Joggling Entry Fee online thru June 15 $20 Joggling Entry Fee on-site $25
T-shirt (included in Event Package) $20-25 Special shows (not included in Event Package) $10 each
Vendor Setup $35 Vendor Extra Table $35
VDP Vendor Setup $0 Vendor Electric $65
Show Tickets

All shows are general admission and subject to availability. All four show tickets are included in the Event Package.

Date/Time Show Adult
(Age 11-Up)
(Age 10 & under)
July 17, 2018
Tuesday, 8:00pm
Welcome Show $35 $17
July 18, 2018
Wednesday, 7:30pm
Youth Showcase & Juniors Stage Championships $30 $15
July 19, 2018
Thursday, 7:30pm
Teams & Individuals Stage Championships $35 $17
July 21, 2018
Saturday, 8pm
Cascade of Stars Show $40 $20