2020 IJA Online Festival Workshops


Each year the IJA Festival workshops feature scores of classes taught by leading juggling pros and experts. Workshops include emphasis on performance, technique, marketing, history, creating routines, and more. This year our workshops will be held via Google Meet – links are listed alongside the workshops.

Note that there will likely be workshop schedule changes made during the festival – please check back often for any updates!

If you have a problem getting into a workshop or there’s no link, please reload this page to get the latest links.

Workshop Descriptions

5 ball Workshop – Daniel and James Chan

Drills to establish a solid 5 ball pattern.

Beginner Diabolo Tricks – Chris Garcia

1 Diabolo – Beginner Tricks

Bounce Juggling – David Nayer

Bounce Juggling training techniques.

Introduction to Multiplexes – Matan Presberg

Learn different basic multiplex throws with balls, how to practice them, and different drills to improve them.

Dots/ドット - Mike Moore マイク ムーア(beginner/intermediate)/(初心者、 中級者向き

This workshop is an introduction to dots, where it looks like the props are levitating. You will learn technique for grip, throwing, and catching.
Prerequisite: Nothing in particular. You should be very comfortable with juggling (at least 4 balls)



Inverted Box and Variations – /インバーテッドボックス & バリエーション
– MIKE MOORE マイク ムーア

In this workshop, you will see some common mistakes that people make when juggling inverted box, and learn how to fix them. We will also cover some inverted box variations, like high-low inverted box, cross-columned inverted box, inverted dome box, and siteswaps.
Prerequisite: inverted box (it doesn’t have to be perfect)

中級者向き 7/16(木)の日本時間、夜9時

このワークショップでは、「インバーテッドボックス 」を練習する上でよくある間違いと、それをどう直すかを一緒に見ていきます。
また、ハイローインバーテッドボックス、クロスコラム インバーテッドボックス、インバーテッドドームボックスや サイトスワップ等の バリエーションを紹介します。
前提:もしできれば、インバーテッドボックスが 少しでも続くこと

Slow Hoop Rolls – Amy Wielickza

This class will cover slow, smooth chest and shoulder rolls, along with some fun variations.

This workshop will cover different roll combos with two and three hoops.

Learn Inverted Box – Mike Moore

In this workshop you will learn several drills that will encourage good technique for doing inverted box (2 ball breakdowns, Luke’s shuffle, inverted Luke’s shuffle). Prereqs: You should already have a very solid box, and maybe know some box variations By the end, you’ll be able to list the skills that you need to juggle inverted box, determine which one(s) you need to work on to progress, and choose an appropriate drill to improve that skill. This workshop largely parallels my online tutorial.

Introduction to 2 Diabolos – Chris Garcia

How to do 2 Diabolos.

Learning Inverted Sprung Cascade – Mike Moore

In this workshop you will develop the tools to learn inverted sprung cascade. We will go through a number of inverted sprung siteswaps (you don’t need to know what those are yet!) that will help you to efficiently learn this beast of a pattern. Prereqs: Very solid inverted box, maybe some inverted box variations. By the end, you’ll be able to identify a pathway of drills that will lead you to inverted sprung cascade and maybe be able to juggle it a bit! (handout attached) If you want to try some of these drills before (or after) the workshop, check out this video.

One Ball Movement – Anthony Trahair

8 different one ball movement and juggling sequences to cover a vast array of throws and catches.
Working on fluidity, accuracy and fun!
Perfect for starting a new adventure into Juggling and Movement or for getting new inspiration.
By the Author of Pearls of Juggling – Anthony Trahair

C Staff Variations – Rebecca Litvax

I’ll be teaching some variations and transitions for the CStaff move “Halo”, including a quick review of the Halo, simple stylistic changes, plane changes, and transition entrance/exits.

Going Beyond Juggling Technique – Anthony Trahair

How and why transcend juggling technique.

What if Art could be learned step by step just like juggling was (and is) to allow us to fully express ourselves through juggling?

Anthony Trahair: Author of Pearls of Juggling.

The Art of 2 Club Swinging – Kevin Axtell

This workshop covers: The past, present, and future of 2 club swinging. 2 club spinning and swinging skills and techniques for all levels.

Sebs Mess w/ Clubs – Marvin Ong

Three club juggling trick.

Atom Figure (Spanish) – Muarcela

Como realizar una figura básica con tres hulas, conocida como “atomo”. Nociones básicas para entrar a esta figura, así como algunas variaciones y transiciones.

Three Hoop Body Rolls – Amy Wielickza

This class will explore some two and three hoop body roll combos!

Make Better Juggling Videos w/ Taylor Tries – Taylor Glenn

I’ll cover everything I’ve learned about making quality juggling videos over the past 10 years. How to frame a shot, what equipment to use, camera settings, different editing techniques, artistic explorations, and more!

3 Club Scissor Theory and the Quantum Scissor – Kevin Axtell

This class is a fun romp of discovery through the realm of 3 club scissors. More than just tricks, and there are plenty of tricks, this class also offers a fundamental theory and understanding of the scissor world. Skip around on the surface with the scissor matrix, or dive down deep into the world of the Quantum scissor. ALL LEVELS, this class offers something for complete beginners as well as scissor wizards.

Introduction to Partner Poi – Cory and Alicia Lund

Partner poi is a great way to flow with friends! This class will introduce the basic 3 and 4 beat partner poi weaves in a way that will be accessible to those just starting their poi journey. We’ll start with one poi each and work up to four poi total. No experience necessary. Bring a friend, or make some new ones!

Juggling as Playful Practice – Anthony Trahair

An interactive talk and practical session about how juggling comes much more alive when we show up fully and play.

Following along the lines of this article:

Juggling and Playfulness: Wasn’t Juggling Supposed to Be Fun?

Hitting Clubs – Stefan Brancel

Solo club bats, hits, and collisions while juggling from basic to advanced.

Increasing the Kinespheric Canvas – Luther Bangert

Working with three balls, we’ll explore simple exercises to deepen patterns across space, and utilize more pockets of space within and without juggling. Helping you to find things you’ve never done before.

Dropping Balls an Intro to 3 – Christopher McCumber

Breaking down the basics of learning a cascade into bite sized chunks easily approachable by anyone. juggling masters may make it look easy, but the true secret is they’ve dropped… a lot. that’s like 90% of juggling. We will start with some 1 ball training exercises, moving up to 2 and 3. after this class you’ll be well on your way to juggling if not already!

All About Lines – Alex Payne

Club juggling/manipulation workshop. This workshop is catered to all juggling ability levels and will go over a vast amount of shapes and movements that are inspired by creating lines. This workshop is exploration based and touches on the idea of compressing and expanding shapes in order to make visually appealing patterns.

Hoop Juggling Starts – Abigail Lindsay

This workshop will cover a handful of Hoop Juggling Starts that will add some flair to the begging of your sequences! We will cover things such as wrist rolls, multiplexs, extensions, and grips that you can use to create your own starts and patterns as well.

Jay Gilligan – Three 1-Hour Special Workshops

4-5pm Tuesday
4-5pm Wednesday
5-6pm Thursday

Jay Gilligan will lead three one-hour workshops entitled “Juggling Junk Food”. These tricks are definitely not part of the four basic food groups, but you will find Jay’s workshop nourishing to your artistic and creative juggling soul.