Gregor Kiock, juggling teacher – ep3 Juggle Jabber

Juggle Jabber with Daniel Simu
Juggle Jabber with Daniel Simu
Gregor Kiock, juggling teacher - ep3 Juggle Jabber

Gregor Kiock is the teacher of Object Manipulation at Codarts Circus Arts. We talk about his methodology and philosophy of teaching, about copying and emulating, and the classical approach of finding a neutral grey. In between we jump up and down history and talk about the various people Gregor met in his juggling life.

You can also listen to the audio version of this episode on SoundCloud:

Find Gregor online in some of the Codarts Circus Christmas Calendar videos:

Show notes:

1:40 start interview
3:15 following in the footstep of Gregor’s Masters
5:10 making tricks better
6:00 influential people
7:35 Arcadii’s methodology of the perfect throw
11:05 Posture
12:30 the overlap between theatre and juggling teaching
15:05 Teaching performers instead of a sport
16:40 The end of technique
17:50 Breaking down skills
21:30 Teaching is performing
22:40 The hero’s journey
24:00 How to learn 6 balls
24:35 Jugglers frustrations
26:00 Being on a journey with your student
27:50 Dynamic architechture
28:50 Stage drawing exercize
30:00 Everything is technique
31:25 Following the student’s taste and wish
32:00 Emulating and copying
33:30 Induvidual artist expression
36:35 Beer
37:30 Bobby May
38:30 Similarities to Bobby May
41:25 film speed
42:30 Inspiration and trends
44:15 Stefan Sing
45:15 Les Halles in Paris
46:55 Taking over tricks
48:20 Finding your own movement style
49:00 Juggling for an audience
50:10 Communication on stage
54:30 Lights on Lights off
55:20 Try out in front of an audience
59:30 Selling out
1:01:00 Grey neutral posture
1:04:30 Darwinistic posture
1:07:00 Neutral body
1:09:10 coloring with consious effort
1:11:40 Changing juggling technique for your movement
1:13:35 3 ball digest
1:15:20 There is more than one view
1:16:30 FEDEC guide on juggling
1:17:20 Jugglers are nerds
1:19:15 See it live! (bitch)
1:21:30 make love to the audience
1:25:00 juggling

People Mentioned:

Frank Heckman
Arcadii Poupon
Ferdinand Geiger
Karl-Heinz Ziethen
Evgeni Biljauer
Jerome Thomas
Bobby May
Michael Mosschen
Peter Davison
Harm van der Laan
Morgan Cosquer
David Severins
Michael Menes
Anthony Gatto
Bob bramson
Arjan Groenendijk
Martijn Halekor
Stefan Sing
Minh Tam Kaplan
Jeremy James
Eva Schubach
Darragh McLoughlin
Dirk Van Boxelaere
Jochen Schell
Francis Brunn
Dick Franco and his 3 ball digest
Jason van Lith

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