Harm van der Laan, Tall Tales – ep16 Juggle Jabber

Juggle Jabber with Daniel Simu
Juggle Jabber with Daniel Simu
Harm van der Laan, Tall Tales - ep16 Juggle Jabber

Harm van der Laan is a Dutch circus artist. We talk about his experience in running the Tall Tales Company, using visual art in a juggling performance and the patterns he likes. Also we discuss his many inspirations, and get some new insights in juggling as it evolved through history…
Oh and yes, this video was recorded before the corona crisis.

Presented by eJuggle

Created by Daniel Simu – danielsimu.com

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1:34 Circus Studio Rotterdam
3:12 Tea over coffee
4:27 The Dutch juggling championships
6:12 What patterns to put on stage
10:07 The concept guides the content
12:57 Square Two, visual art to juggling
17:57 Thinking like a juggler
20:12 The relationship between basing and juggling
25:37 How does juggling fit into circus arts
29:32 Inspiration from circus history
31:07 Retelling A Clockwork Orange
33:22 Gentleman juggling and youtube
36:00 Before juggling was sensational
39:02 The future of Harm
42:37 Where to find Harm
43:40 The most important is to have fun
44:22 A trick in the Circus Studio Rotterdam

People mentioned:

Maartje Bonarius
Luke Burrage
Luke Wilson
Anthony Burgess
Hermann Sagemueller
Stanley Kubrick
Kara (Michael Steiner)
Steven Ragatz
Sean Gandini

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I am a juggler and circus performer from the Netherlands. I travel all over Europe to learn, create, discuss, perform and organise, and I am always looking for fun projects to join! Feel free to contact me about anything :)

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