Historical Jugglers Quipzle

See also our previous Quipzle to understand better how this works.
Theme: Historical jugglers
Figure out the famous historical juggler or juggling act to solve the Quipzle
(Commas separate names, and dashes separate syllables of a name)
Example: Looked at- villain’s hideout- negative response = saw+lair+no= Salerno
Hint: The sound of the clue is more important than the exact spelling. Good luck players!

1) Float in water, Lullaby composer Johannes-male offspring
2) Successor-music developed from ragtime and blues
3) Stunts performed by a magician-key with four sharps, City of Angels- feel remorse
4) Harsh sounding-leg joint, siblings
5) Tally ending- large hospital room, five-cent coins
6) Monaco prince, Skywalker-burro
7) Monarch, People’s opinion of you (Slang)
8) A strong forward movement, Camera attachment that provides illumination
9) Aquatic animal breathing apparatus, went headfirst into the water-exclamation expressing joy or surprise
10) Indonesian dagger, the fatty part of milk- Ohio abbreviation

Prizes: One year of IJA membership AND a copy of Dan’s new book, Alex the Great!

To enter, message us using this form with your best guesses. Two weeks after publication date, we will randomly select 3 winners from those with the most correct answers. Previous Quipzle winners inelligible for prizes.

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