Hoop Juggling by Callum Baker from UK | IJA Tricks of the Month

Callum is originally from Croydon, South London, UK and has been juggling and manipulating objects for around 10 years. His passion for hoop juggling developed as an evolution from his beginning as a poi artist and the early days of progression in his base juggling skills. His love for juggling comes not only from the passion for juggling itself but also out of therapeutic reasons. Callum found that juggling helped his mental health, he was diagnosed with severe OCD in his late teens and uses juggling as an outlet to manage his symptoms.

Callum is now a Circomedia graduate and a professional performer specialising in hoop juggling and LED Performance. He is also a core regular of London’s Spinning @ Circus Community. He is also known for his duo work with Lisa Ellipse under the duo Lisa and Callum and more recently as part of a trio additionally with Cameron Ford known as The Hoop Troop.

Special thanks to Lisa Ellipse of Elliptical Productions for their patience and beautiful edit! You can see their content here at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCktp1ttZa7hl-xWmSj39HXg. Big thanks also to Ryan Hatton for amazing additional sound design and SFX.

Lisa Ellipse of @ellipticalproductions

Sound Design/SFX:
@elliptical productions and Ryan Hatton

s t a r m a n – lets go back [ synthwave vaporwave ] MK Ultra – Tears in the Rain

Locations – London and Durham, UK

Solo: @BLJuggler
Duo: @lisa.and.callum
Trio: @the.hoop.troop
Elliptical Productions: @ellipticalproductions

Twitch/TikTok/Twitter: @BLJuggler

Hoops made by Jennie Brennen Hoops @jenniebrennenhoops

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP5K9K3EbTEr-IoFluifOoQ

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