IJA Challenge – Ball in a Cup/Kendama Cups in one minute

Congratulations to Phil Thompson for winning last month’s challenge for the most catches of a blind 3 ball shower, getting a total of 252 catches (126 high throws).  You can view his winning video entry here.  As the winner he will be receiving a full one year IJA Membership and $40 in IJA store credit!  Congratulations Phil!  Thanks especially to our other entrants, who the top three placers had only a dozen catches between them, Second being Janion Nevill (BitsAndBobs) with 242 catches (121 high throws). Third being JugglingMike with 240 catches (120 high throws). Along with Thom Wall and 7RingFlash.

Hello, and thanks for coming to the IJA Challenge! The IJA Challenge is a monthly video contest put forth to the juggling community, in which anyone with a video camera to record an attempt with compete for a juggling/manipulation based world record set by Richard Kohut, the winners of which receive prizes for their achievement in breaking or tying his world record attempt. This also means the winner of each month’s contest will become a world record holder! So if you think you have the skills, set up your camera and give it a shot! You could be the best in the world at something and not even know it yet!

Entrants have 3 weeks from the posting of the video to submit their entry as a video reply on youtube, or the youtube link as a comment on the contest video, and must follow the rules for the month’s challenge. Prizes for the entrants are as follows:
1st prize – 1 Year IJA Membership and $40 IJA Store Credit
2nd Prize – $40 IJA Store Credit

This month’s challenge rules:
– May use any size Kendama or Ball in a cup toy
– Counting begins on the first catch
– Ball must be dropped downwards between each catch


– Ties for the most catches will be decided by who reached their number the fastest.

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Rich Kohut is an opinionated and very bold hobbyist juggler, most well known for producing the longest running juggling podcast "Jugglers On Juggling", which is still going today. He's not a bad juggler either, having qualified 7 rings many times, qualified 5 clubs, and placed second in the WJF Ring Intermediates competition.

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  1. I have created a video for this challenge, but youtube is not allowing me to post a video response or even a comment to the video. I don’t know if others are having this same issue or not. I hope it gets sorted out soon. If not, this is my attempt at the challenge: https://youtu.be/msk0zLUw2Ts

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