IJA Challenge – Ring Bouncing on Palm

Congratulations to Trevor Pearson for winning last month’s challenge for the most catches of a blind 3 ball box, getting 97 catches!  As the winner he will be receiving a full one year IJA Membership and $40 in IJA store credit! Congratulations Trevor and that was impressive as hell! Second place goes to me actually, for doing 35 catches in the original video!  Thanks as well to our other entrants, IJAentry on Youtube with 25 catches; Andrew Bender with 11 catches; Andrew Cox who made 10 catches; TomJuggles01 on Youtube with 8 catches.

Hello, and thanks for coming to the IJA Challenge! The IJA Challenge is a monthly video contest put forth to the juggling community, in which anyone with a video camera to record an attempt with compete for a juggling/manipulation based world record set by Richard Kohut, the winners of which receive prizes for their achievement in breaking or tying his world record attempt. This also means the winner of each month’s contest will become a world record holder! So if you think you have the skills, set up your camera and give it a shot! You could be the best in the world at something and not even know it yet!

Entrants have 3 weeks from the posting of the video to submit their entry as a video reply on youtube, or the youtube link as a comment on the contest video, and must follow the rules for the month’s challenge. Prizes for the entrants are as follows:
1st prize – 1 Year IJA Membership and $40 IJA Store Credit
2nd Prize – $40 IJA Store Credit

This month’s challenge rules:

  • May use any size ring.
  • Bounces must be done with one hand, switching between hands mid-bounce is not allowed.
  • Ring must remain in a stable upright position with the ring rotating in the air.
  • Winners are determined by the most number of bounces.


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Rich Kohut is an opinionated and very bold hobbyist juggler, most well known for producing the longest running juggling podcast "Jugglers On Juggling", which is still going today. He's not a bad juggler either, having qualified 7 rings many times, qualified 5 clubs, and placed second in the WJF Ring Intermediates competition.

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  1. Hi Richard,

    Was there something invalid about my entry? It was submitted 2 days before the deadline and had over 180 catches. Do the comments on the video IJA Challenge – Blind 3 Ball Box from Juggling Mike appear for you?

        1. Wow, this is weird as hell, as I can only see 7 comments on the youtube video as well. I do searches of youtube just to be sure when I’m looking through the entries to see who the winners are, searching keywords for “IJA Challange” as well as the trick name, but somehow this never came up in the search results! A quick search for your username and indeed here’s the entry, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA1sWgxixck posted before the due date.

          I’ve just been in contact with Scott and I’ve let him know that you indeed deserve the prize for this, and because I think the cause for this is the new youtube comment system, I’m going to change the way to submit entries from comments to sending off an email to an account I’ll make for the next challenge, that way there’s no confusion.

          1. Great, thanks very much! Do you think emailing would be better than commenting on the ezine? I would’ve thought the latter would be nice because it drums up more traffic here, and allows people to see their competition (and re-enter if they’re feeling threatened!).

        2. weirrrd… yah Mike, I’ve never been able to see your comment. I’m just subscribed to your channel, so I saw that you had beaten the record when you made the video public, which appeared to me after the deadline. Having seen no comment, I assumed it was either a late entry or you didn’t want to enter. Still, figured I’d shout you out for obliterating my “win.” anyhow, nice work. Great channel too.

  2. Hi Rich,
    So i’m excited i won the largest object juggled challenge… but i can’t find anything on how to claim the prize. What do i do?


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