IJA Fest 2013… 6 Months And Counting

Six months away from the fest and the earliest registration window for the 2013 fest is now closed! The last week of the window saw a whirlwind of registrations. The final Holiday Pricing numbers far exceeded my expectations! We are now into the Early Bird pricing window through March 20, 2013. Will you be joining the party at Bowling green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio July 15 through 21?

In a nutshell, 180 jugglers are already presently registered. Five vendors are already registered and preparing for the 2013 IJA Fest.  A total of 7 jugglers are registered for the Steven Ragatz special workshop and 10 jugglers are registered for Jay Gilligan’s special workshop.


Juniors, Teams, and Individuals Championships: Email: championships@juggle.org

Championships preliminary registration is also open at this time. The best jugglers from around the world come to the IJA festival each year to present their skill and art in the IJA Stage Championships, hoping to earn the IJA Gold Medal. Always amazing and often breaking out astounding new tricks and performance styles, the Championships are a must-see for every juggler and juggling fan.

The Juniors Championships will be Wednesday at 8:30pm, and the Individuals and Teams Championships will be Thursday at 7:30pm, both in the Moore Musical Arts Center. For questions about the IJA stage championships, contact the IJA Championships Director at championships@juggle.org.

Interested in competing in this year’s championships? Be sure to read both web pages listed below for important details on entering, including the Copyright Music Policy. The IJA has moved to an all-online video submission process using youtube and juggling.tv. Deadline for receipt of the Preliminary Video is May 1, 2013. The video should be a single continuous shot of your full act (actual costume, music and routine) with no editing at all. Please also make sure your props contrast against the background. There is an entry fee for all competitors of $25 per event; you can pay the Stage Championships Entry Fee in the IJA Store. Championships entrants should read: https://juggle.org/stagechamps and https://juggle.org/musicpolicy.


Busker Competition: Email: busking@juggle.org 

Performers will be able to sign up for the busking competition until midnight on July 15th, the first day of the festival. Bob & Trish Evans-BuskingPerformers will need to fill out a signup/information form.

Two or three performing spots will be available depending on the number of competitors. A random drawing will determine who performs where and when. You will have designated set-up, performance, and breakdown times. Performers will be setting up and tearing down at the same time. The time remaining for the performance will be announced over a sound system periodically.

The winner will be determined by a combination of Busking dollars, tips from audience members, and a panel of judges who will fill out numbered score sheets for each performer. After your tips from the audience and the busking dollars are counted they will be given back as your prize money. $3,000 in prize money will be awarded!

The busking dollars will be handed out to IJA members at the performance area right before the competition. Busking dollars must be picked up before the end of the first round of performances.

You cannot get your own busking dollars if you are in the competition or your own real money and put them into your hat. Anyone found cheating in any way will be disqualified and have his or her busking dollars revoked. If you go over your time by more than two minutes you will be disqualified. Don’t worry, you will be told when time is up.

This year’s Busking Competition will be held in downtown Bowling Green immediately following the Juggler Parade through the campus of BGSU and into the downtown of Bowling Green!


Youth Showcase: Email: showcase@juggle.org

The 2013 Youth Showcase will happen Wednesday, July 17 at 7pm. It will again be a tight, fast moving show utilizing the talents of the young people up to age 18. Young people are encouraged to consider creating a performance for this festival. If you wish to perform in the 2013 Youth Showcase, email Art Thomas at the email given above. He will be happy to give you more information about the Youth Showcase. Stage time is limited, so sign up early!


Special Workshops: 

There are two special workshops this year. The first is being offered by the illustrious Steven Ragatz. Act Creation Workshop with Steven Ragatz is being offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10am- 12:30pm. According to Steven, “Your juggling act should be more than merely a collection of tricks executed in sequence. This workshop explores the design and execution of a contemporary juggling act, from initial inspiration to the debut of a performance-ready product. Each class consists of an introductory discussion, followed by hands-on exercises. After each exercise session, students are expected to provide feedback on the progress of others, as well as demonstrating the improvements in their own presentations. There may be homework for later classes! Students who complete the workshop will depart with new material as well as concrete tools to continue building their juggling performances.”

This workshop is open to jugglers who haven’t begun writing an act and wonder where to start, to jugglers in the midst of the creation process, and to jugglers who wish to further develop an already formed act.

The second special workshop is being offered by the ever inventive Jay Gilligan. Juggling Tricks: Start to Finish is being offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 1-4pm. Jugglers of any skill level, from beginner to expert, are invited to join this special workshop which examines how a trick is created and perfected. The class divides juggling into three main categories – object, body, and rhythm. Jay shares that, “hands-on exercises will explore in depth many of the concepts hinted at in my Juggle magazine articles over the years. We will learn simple moves which can be applied to any style and level of technique. Many different ways to create tricks will be introduced, with special attention given to building a proper traditional skill base. Students will leave with a deeper understanding of how tricks evolve, the latest practice theories, and where juggling might go in the future.”


p_presse   Cascade of Stars:

The IJA Cascade of Stars stage will welcome Jeton The Gentleman Juggler who was born in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, in 1970. His mentors along the early road to developing an illustrious career were jugglers Arthur Caral and Rudy Horn.

From 1992 through 1996, Jeton was featured in the touring variety show ET CETERA. Audiences loved him! Jeton also won first prize in the 1997 competition organized by Circus Roncalli as well as a special prize at the Festival du Music Hall in Paris in 1998. Performances and repeat bookings followed in such well known venues as the Apollo Theater in Düsseldorf, Circus Krone in Munich, the Palazzo Spiegelzelten and the GOP Variety Theatres, to name but a few. Jeton has even had the honor of performing his noble art for Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark. Jeton enjoys continued worldwide acclaim and the IJA welcomes him to our humble stage.

More Cascade of Stars performers will be announced over the coming months!

I never would have dreamed we would have 180 fest registrants this early! I am very excited and hopeful that this is an indication that the BGSU fest is going to be a great success! Dorms, camping spaces on campus (limited number so register early), campus dining hall with incredible food are all back at the IJA for 2013. Are you planning on being part of the party at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio? Remember, the Early Bird Pricing window will close after March 20, 2013.

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