Below are answers to some important questions that you may have about the upcoming IJA fest.

1. Numbers will be early in the week. When can I sign up for preliminaries?

Numbers Competitors: Because Numbers finals are on Wednesday at 1pm, you must attempt to qualify for Numbers on Monday or Tuesday. Sign up for preliminaries, either at the Numbers Table or in advance by sending email to numbers@juggle.org. Numbers qualifying attempts will be held during the following times:

Monday: 3:30pm — 5pm
Tuesday: 11am — noon, 2pm — 4:30pm, 9:30pm — 11pm

2. Where do I go if I registered for camping or a dorm room and arrive late at night?

If you registered for a dorm room or for indoor camping you may pick up your room key at the IJA registration desk. If you arrive when the IJA registration desk is not open, go directly to Falcon Heights Residence Hall to get your room key from the attendant. If it is late and no one is at the Falcon Heights desk, call the phone number on the entrance door of Falcon Heights Residence Hall. The RA on duty will come to the door to give you a key and direct you to your room.

3. I haven’t made a reservation. Can I still reserve a dorm room, camping room, meals or parking permit?

Yes, you can sign up for any of those when you reach the IJA registration table at the fest. If you’ll be getting to the fest after registration has closed for the day (4pm) and you want to add a dorm room or camping space, let us know immediately by email what you will need and when you’ll arrive, so we can let BGSU know to expect you. You can pay at the fest. Send your late-arrival room request details to: registrar@juggle.org. If you’ve already reserved your room, you don’t need to notify us of late arrival — see item 2 above.

4. Are pillows, linens & towels provided in the dorm or camping rooms?

For those with a dorm room, you will be in Falcon Heights Residence Hall. There will be bed sheets, a blanket, a pillow (with pillowcase) and towels provided by the university. Towels will be changed each day if left on the bathroom floor. Falcon Heights is fully air-conditioned.

For those doing indoor camping, you will be in Harshman Hall but you should pick up your key at the IJA registration desk or, if it’s closed, in Falcon Heights Residence (across campus from Harshman). Each indoor camping room will have a bed but no linens or towels. There is also no air-conditioning in Harshman Hall.

5. If I am arriving late, how do I get my parking permit?

The university has said that they will be lenient about parking permits upon your arrival, and they are aware that those who arrive after the IJA registration desk closes will not have their parking permits until the next day.

6. How do I get the campus meals I paid for with IJA registration?

For anyone who purchased campus meals through the IJA, BGSU will issue you a BGSU debit card for the meals. Its initial balance will be your prepayment amount minus an administrative fee of 5% (which you paid when you bought your meals through the IJA). The debit card can be used in the fixed-price all-you-can-eat The Oaks Dining Hall for the meals you bought and/or in other places on campus like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and other campus eateries. These eating locations all also accept cash.

7. How can I purchase or pick up tickets to a show after the IJA registration desk closes?

Tickets will be available at the door at Kobacker Hall one hour prior to show time.

8. What times will the IJA Registration Desk be open? Can I register on Monday?

The IJA Registration Desk will be open Monday, July 15, from noon until 4pm for pre-registration packet pickup. The only additional purchases that can be made on Monday are for BGSU items: dorm rooms, indoor camping spaces, meal cards and parking permits.

Registration desk hours are from 9am to 4pm for the remainder of the week, except the desk closes at 2pm on Saturday.

9. Is there a free, convenient, safe place to store my props in the gym?

Yes, you can use a free locker to store your props in the Perry Field House (where the juggling space is). Just be sure to bring a padlock.

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