IJA Funny Caption Contest #2

First of all, “Thanks” to everyone who made entries and participated in the first contest. There were some very funny entries. As difficult as it was, we have decided on a winner. The winner of the first Photo Caption contest is Lightning Jack and his comment “Soon Ethel got hungry, and converted the juggling exhibition to a demonstration of the phases of the moon.” Congrats Jack, you’ve won a DVD from the IJA Store. The Ezine editor will be in touch with you soon.

And now for #2. I am going with an image/subject that is currently a bit of a “hot button” political topic these days. LOL. Please try to keep the entries fun, light, humorous and to not use it as an agenda to promote your personal views on the subject. Thanks, and have fun!


“John “The Rifleman” Davis, has his own idea of what the phrase “Gun Control” means. Sadly, his amazing feat of being able to juggle 3 “loaded” rifles was not witnessed by many people. For some reason, he always had a hard time finding an audience who would sit and watch it.”

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Steve Langley has been performing as a full time variety entertainer for over 25 years now. He has traveled all over the world as 1/2 of The Fettucini Brothers. As a solo performer he has appeared on National Television in 5 different countries holds 3 Guinness World Records and 9 World Records on Recordsetter.com. He also runs Fettucini Entertainment, an agency that specializes in providing eccentric, unusual and unique Variety Entertainment. Steve is also a Paddle Ball Historian, a Toy Consultant to an International Toy Company and is also a Trained Chef with a 2 year cooking degree. He is married to an Art Teacher and has 2 daughters.

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  1. Connecticut juggling sensation Adam Lanza getting mixed reviews for his new traveling Kindergarten Motivational Preformance

  2. Evan opens with a strong one. LOL!!! Some may find it to be perhaps, in slightly poor taste (like all good jokes). But I, on the other hand, have no taste at all. Nice one!

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