IJA Funny Photo Caption Contest #4

Welcome back to the Funny Caption contest (after a brief unplanned hiatus). I apologize to you all for dropping the ball, I was trying to juggle too many projects at the same time, and a few hit the ground.

As far as the very patient participants from Contest #3, the winner is John Chase for it’s humor and simplicity. We will be in touch with you concerning your “Grand Prize.” Honorable mention goes to Warren Hammond for both volume and humor. You are a very funny guy. Thanks for participating. Keep it up. (I’ll try to be more steady with them.)

As a reminder, the way this works is: I will post a fun, unusual, and hopefully rare, juggling-based image along with a funny caption to start things off. You all post your entries, and we here at eJuggle will judge the funniest one, and announce a prize winner (or two) the following month when the new image is posted.

Come on, let’s see just how funny or clever you all can be. Here we go with Funny Caption Contest Photo #4. I’ll start out with an obvious one, to set the bar low, and make it easy to top. Have at it, and have fun with it.

“This juggling trio is straight out of Hell’s Kitchen”

“Satan’s Minions: Lucifer, Damian and Beelzebub present one Hell of an Act!”




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Steve Langley has been performing as a full time variety entertainer for over 25 years now. He has traveled all over the world as 1/2 of The Fettucini Brothers. As a solo performer he has appeared on National Television in 5 different countries holds 3 Guinness World Records and 9 World Records on Recordsetter.com. He also runs Fettucini Entertainment, an agency that specializes in providing eccentric, unusual and unique Variety Entertainment. Steve is also a Paddle Ball Historian, a Toy Consultant to an International Toy Company and is also a Trained Chef with a 2 year cooking degree. He is married to an Art Teacher and has 2 daughters.

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