IJA Tricks of the Month by Dan Barron from USA | Juggling

I’m Dan Barron (dnb303) from Chicago, USA, and I’ve been juggling for 12 years. I like toss juggling that draws images in the 2D plane, creating and distorting shapes with varying hand positions. The endless pattern space, visual aesthetics, and visceral experience are what connect me to juggling. Juggling then connects to greater domains through natural physics, and by enhancing the mind’s eye of the practitioner.

This juggling style is called synchronous (“sync”), where both hands throw and catch together in time. Lines stretch in intermittent existence as direct passes are made from hand to hand, connecting points in space. Arcs are traced as objects ride gravity’s parabola or are carried along a path. Between beats, hands can travel to new locations just in time for the next event. From these components, dynamic shapes emerge that mix line segments with rhythmic curves.

Each pattern is a cycle of redirecting and counteracting energy as the puzzle is continually scrambled and reassembled. The sensory experience is unique to each pattern, and collecting these feelings is part of the quest.

Special thanks to Eric Sipos and the rest of the Chicago Juggling Club (Bruce Bailey, Brian Dailey, Jim Carmichael, Biz Olbrisch, et al.), and to the late Joe Kudabeck.

Music: TRUTHR “Paradise 500”

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dnb303/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/dnb303


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