IJA Tricks of the Month by Frida Odden from Norway | Ball Juggling

My name is Frida Odden Brinkmann, I come from a small town in Norway called Fredrikstad but I live in Oslo. I’ve been juggling since the age of 9, professionally since 2005. I love to juggle balls and bouncing balls, and I like to practice the same trick over and over again until it’s perfect. I guess I’m more intro the craft than creativity, but I still like to find my own style. The video is from my latest stage performance, a solo show for young audiences called “Ufroståegli”, recorded at Sentralen in Oslo in December 2018.

Thanks to my husband David Skauen for filming, director of the show Berit Eik, composer Anthony Barratt/Klangverkstedet, Costume/scenography designer Katja Ebbel and Norwegian Arts Council (Kulturrådet) for support.

Props: Radfactor Premium Russian balls and Spotlight Silicone balls.

Instagram: fridajuggling

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