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My name is Batist Van Baekel and I’m a 22 year old juggler from Belgium.
I have been juggling for over 10 years, and this year I graduated from Codarts circus school and University of Arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

I’m honoured to present to you my IJA Tricks of the Month video, a small collection of some of my favourite material I have been working on during the past year.

This video is recorded in the North-East of France during a family holiday. A big thank you to my dad for helping me film and to my mom for letting me leave the dinner table early to catch the last bit of sun for the video.

The music vibes in this video are provided by the song Jump (For My Love) by The Point Sisters from their album Break Out.

Well that’s all from me.
I love juggling, I love moving and I’m in love with the amazing community. Hope to see you all around.

If you want to check out any of my other work:
– I have been posting 6 juggling videos in the past 6 months to celebrate juggling and me hopping into the professional circus world. The video projects can be found on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGhhlu3cndeanWqHMuRTg2w/videos
– You can find more information about me as a professional circus artist and performer, my work and more on my website: www.batistvanbaekel.com
– Or following my on Instagram @batistvanbaekel

The IJA actively searches out the best juggling talent around the world to make awesome videos for your viewing pleasure. Get ready to be inspired. IJA Tricks of the Month are organized by Jorge Vilchis, Erin Stephens and Lucas Adverse.

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