IJA Tricks of the Month by Flotep from USA | Juggling balls

My name is Flotep, from California, USA.

I have been a practitioner for 18 years for juggling. I participate in juggling because I have always been attracted to complex puzzles in reality. In this video I explore my new tools and share my research with the public of today!

This video was recorded in Los Angeles, Egypt and Tijuana Mexico; my generators would bring me with them on worldly trips at a young age and it was in Mexico that I first witnessed juggling live in person. It was only right that I return to that place to film parts of my video. I used the royalty free music that the IJA tricks of the month director recommended as well music from Jackson Ford of Australia (which I use as much as I can in my juggling videos).

I have an ineffable sense sourced from a vision of reality that there is, indeed, an underlying order to the universe & reality, gravity, weather, time,….. there is switch, a gesture, an insignia, a series of sequences and patterns and experiments fills my notes app on my iPhone with clues and puzzles pieces; I don’t believe the mystery of life is a problem to solve, but a reality to experience. A process that cannot be understood by stopping it. We must move with the flow of the process. We must join it. We must flow with it; implementation of the framework of Indra’s Net into my personal expression through the natural forces that govern juggling. Jugglers that inspire me to carry forth this timeless Perennial Art are Vesper X, Flotron, Zebulon Ulysses, and the late Zarathustra AmadeuS, from the Lemurian period that ended prior the etchings of juggling as found in ancient Egypt.

My juggling videos for the moment can be found on:
and YouTube.com/cooljuggler

Music: Distilled in Terra Nullius by Bellwether and Zamora
Runaway by Adam Griffith

The IJA actively searches out the best juggling talent around the world to make awesome videos for your viewing pleasure. Get ready to be inspired.IJA Tricks of the Month are organized by Jorge Vilchis, Erin Stephens and Lucas Adverse.

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