IJA Tricks of the Month by Mike Moore from Canada | Juggling balls

Line vs cascade features blue beanbags that only travel in lines and orange beanbags that only move in cascade patterns.  They thrive by themselves, they thrive together.

To hear commentary on this video, click here: https://youtu.be/qV7rPPkBQmc

I am a 3-4 ball specialist from Ontario, Canada.  I’ve been juggling for about 15 years after being recruited to start a juggling club in high school.  In the morning, I’m a juggler, afternoon an editor, and night a chemistry instructor.  Special thanks to all the people who have taught, requested, and inspired my patterns!

If you want to see more patterns like these, visit my instragram: @artifaxiom.

Song: Chrono Trigger Horizons of Time – DDRKirby(ISQ), posted on ocremix.org

The IJA actively searches out the best juggling talent around the world to make awesome videos for your viewing pleasure. Get ready to be inspired.IJA Tricks of the Month are organized by Jorge Vilchis, Erin Stephens and Lucas Adverse.

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