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My name is Nicolas Villalobos Fuentes; they call me little bird. I am from the commune of Buin, Metropolitan Region of Chile, and I have been juggling for approximately 6 years. I like to train and play juggling because I fall in love with the infinity of variations that can be found in objects. I recorded the video in my little town “Buin” with much love and effort.
I would like to mainly thank my mother and family who always support me. I love them with my life.
To my friends from the juggling Buin that I love with my life: anais, julito, tepo, vane, simon, leo, charra, lore, jonas, fer, byron, donrichi and more little people.
And not to forget all those cute little people that the juggling has given me that have always supported and thrown the best energy always. I hope we all achieve all our life goals. I love you very much.

Mi nombre es Nicolas villalobos Fuentes, me dicen pajarito soy de la comuna de Buin region metropolitana de chile hago malabares hace 6 años aproximadamente. Me gusta entrenar y jugar malabares porque me enamoro la infinidad de variaciones que se pueden encontrar en los objetos. El video lo grabe en mi pueblito “Buin” con micho cariño y esfuerzo.
Me gustaria agradecer principalmente a mi madre y familia que siempre me apoya los amo con mi vida.
A mis amigos de la juggling Buin que les amo con la vida: anais,julito,tepo,vane,simon,leo,charra,lore,jonas,fer,byron, donrichi y mas personitas.
Y no olvidar a todas esas personitas tan lindas que me a dado el malabar que siempre han apoyado y tirado la mejor energía siempre. Espero todxs logremos todas nuestras metas de vida, los quiero mucho.

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