IJA Tricks of the Month by Rocío Iriart from Argentina | Juggling

Hello, my name is Rocío Iriart. I’m from Argentina and my nickname is Magia Cautiva.
This year I am reaching 4 years of juggling. The world of juggling I met almost three years into my trip. I love this discipline because through it I overcame many obstacles in my life, thinking that I could not achieve anything. With what I am accomplished today, with time, practice and optimism I managed to achieve beautiful things. I love juggling.
In the video I show a bit of what I have learned in these years. I like to dissociate. I have been playing with an umbrella for two years and 7 months since I started skateboarding, and I want to dissociate with everything.

The video is recorded in the town where I grew up: Benito Juárez, Buenos Aires province. I was just there when the proposal to record it was made.

– On the first beat “las mamis del Bronx” with “freestyle” from Chile.

– Camera and edition: Juan Porcel, his BenitoNet page.

Technical assistance, camera and drone: Cristian Lopez.

To my friends who were in general assistance:
Jonathan Albarrazin
Ivana Cáceres
Milagros Freyre (hairstyle and assistance)
Lucas Doucede

To the direction of culture of Benito Juárez for providing us with cinema.

To the Ashifu family for lending their room painted by Juan Ashifu’s art and to his brother for receiving us Julián Ashifu

Hola, mi nombre es Rocío Iriart de Argentina, apodada Magia Cautiva.
Este año estoy llegando a los 4 años de malabar, el mundo del malabar lo conocí casi a los tres años de mi viaje… Me encanta esta disciplina porque a través de ella superé muchas trabas en mi, pensando que no podía lograr hacer nada de lo que hoy estoy haciendo, con tiempo, práctica y optimismo llegué a lograr cosas hermosas, amo el malabar.
En el video muestro un poco de lo aprendido en estos años, me gusta disociar, hace dos años que juego sombrilla y 7 meses que empecé con el skate, quiero llegar a disociar con todo.
El video se encuentra grabado en el pueblo donde me crié, justo me encontraba ahí, cuando se dió la propuesta de grabarlo (Benito Juárez provincia de Buenos Aires).

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