IJA Tricks of the month by Victor Moiseev from Ukraine | Juggling balls

I specialize in horizontal juggling (aka pendulum juggling) with big balls, metal poles, and LED balls. I have been performing this act for 12 years now with this type of juggling and manipulation. Usually I don’t like to talk about strings and how I use them. I have been working on many different types of rigging. For some I use one point where is all connected, and others use different points. That’s why I call it horizontal juggling. Inspiration I take from Buster Keaton dinner 1920 -1923 where all the objects were connected to different points and he use comedy to pass objects to each other while eating dinner. I also like Jorg’s metal poles which are really nice and similar to what I do. Greg Kennedy’s work was very inspiring as well. I worked with him in Totem Cirque du Soleil where he also did some pendulum work as well. One of the major inspirations for me was Michael Mochen – I had a chance to do a tv show with him back in 2002. I take a lot of inspiration from him as well.
From my experience when you don’t see or mention strings, that has a more magical feeling.
People will comment about strings anyway and I believe more comments will bring more views for the video. 😉 Thank you for your interest in my work and I hope it will inspire others. I will do more regular juggling videos soon as well. Need time to get in shape.

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