IJA Tricks of the month June USA by Lucas Aguirre

Lucas Aguirre is from the Bay Area, California, USA. He has been juggling for about 9 years.
This video shows the juggling/manipulation he has been pursuing recently with 3 clubs, which is heavily influenced by Flow Arts.
His youtube channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/theskiled1
The song is an instrumental jam by Funkadelic featuring Bootsy Collins.

Lucas Aguirre es de Bay Area, California, EUA.
Ha malabareado desde hace 9 años, en este video se muestra malabarismo y manipulacion, Lucas recientemente ha perseguido perfeccionar 3 clavas y se siente influenciado por Flow Arts.
Su canal de Youtube se encuentra en el siguiente enlace https://www.youtube.com/user/theskiled1
La musica del video es una composición instrumental de Funkadelic feat Bootsy Collins.

The IJA actively searches out the best juggling talent around the world to make awesome videos for your viewing pleasure. Get ready to be inspired. IJA Tricks of the Month are organized by Jorge Vilchis, Erin Stephens and Lucas Adverse.

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