IJA Tricks of the Month May by Dalton Sessumes from USA | Leviwand

This IJA Tricks of the Month video has been made in partnership with Flow Arts Institute! https://www.youtube.com/flowartsinstitute

My name is Dalton Sessumes, and I am a multidisciplinary artist living in Austin, TX USA. Originally from Sacramento, California, I moved to Texas with my family when I was one year old- leaving me with no memories of my birthplace but holding on subconsciously to the Californian creative spirit.

I’ve been spinning leviwand for around 5 years now and performing professionally for 4 years. While I do enjoy other forms of juggling, my love for leviwand stems from my love of magical, extraordinary things. The combination of magic, athleticism, and creativity balances my mind in a way that I have never achieved with anything in the past, and I doubt with anything else in the future. However, the best part about juggling and leviwand in particular is the potential for innovation. With relatively few people actually pursuing it as an artistic career, it is wide open for creative molding, and I love using it as a foundation for my creative endeavors in technology, design, and production.

In this video, I am spinning a contact leviwand that I created with my partner at Rollinsticks with 24 karat gold leaf inlay (because why not make the fanciest thing you can if you know how?) to “Color Coded,” a song by a friend of mine who produces under the name Flintwick. I filmed it in front of a mural wall with some help by Dave Humphreys using my DJI drone to intelligently track my movement without having to manage the controls. While it is mostly improvised, there are a few sequences in there that I use often, just because I think they’re cool! I am constantly working on my skills to become a better artist, and while that doesn’t always mean practicing, I’ve learned to roll with the waves of inspiration. Often enough, that takes me right back to this magical little stick that started my journey as an artist.

Special thanks to Karen Benavidez for being a constant support, Michelle Stawski for pushing my dance skills, Rollin Ray for teaching me the art of prop construction, Brady Cagle for the sweet jams, and Dave Humphreys for hanging out and shooting some footy. You guys are awesome, and I am endlessly grateful for you and the rest of my friends that have contributed to my art in a multitude of ways.

The IJA actively searches out the best juggling talent around the world to make awesome videos for your viewing pleasure. Get ready to be inspired.IJA Tricks of the Month are organized by Jorge Vilchis, Erin Stephens and Lucas Adverse.

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