Interact! – Photo Contest & Haiku Winners!


Juggling Photo Contest – Landmark Edition


Hey jugglers!

Do you have a photo of yourself juggling in front of a famous landmark?  Well, good!  Get ready to send it along to the Interact! – Landmark Photo Contest!

This week, we’re asking eZine readers to submit their favorite photos of themselves juggling in front of monuments, landmarks, and other noteworthy places.  Submit a link to your photo, along with a descriptive caption in the comments below!  Entries must be posted in the comments – no emailed photos will be accepted.  Entrants may enter multiple times.  You do not need to be an IJA member to enter!  (Edit – 3/1/12)  

As always, the top three entries will be awarded fantastic prizes.  Scott and Thom, the Interact! judges are looking for photos with interesting contest, artistic composition, and (of course!) a good story to tell.

Photos are due by March 24th, and winners will be announced on March 31st!


Niels with Shaker Cups at the Eiffel Tower

"I got this photo in Paris. These cups are Freddy Kenton's old shaker cups that he used when he worked for 2 years in the Moulin Rouge there, about 40 years ago." - Niels Duinker


Good luck, everyone!  Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got to show us.

— Scott & Thom

Haiku Contest Results!


The results are in!  After much deliberation – deliberation so fierce it required a tiebreaking vote from a neutral third party – the Interact! team has finally reached a consensus.  Find below the top three entries to the Interact! Poetry Slam!

1st Place – Lukas

juggling seven balls
drop drop drop drop drop drop catch
could have been worse

Thom: “This one captures something about the nature of jugglers and their (usually) boundless optimism!  It’s also a really clever use of the haiku form, and has a nice, dry humor about it.  You totally made me laugh!  Kudos, Lukas!”

Congratulations, Lukas – you win an IJA membership and an IJA DVD of your choice!


2nd Place – Tess Cartwright

“One last time” she said
“Yes… NO! That one does not count!”
“One last time” I said

Scott: “I can totally relate to that one. Many a late night were spent at juggling club trying to do that ‘one last time.’ Of course you’ve gotta finish on a good run and it often went on and on with more and more “last times.” And if it is finally a good one, then maybe we’re onto something and can’t quit now because it might be the start of a new streak. It’s so easy to rationalize more juggling and this poem brought back so many good memories of the juggling never ending.”

Congratulations, Tess – you win an IJA membership!


3rd Place – Bruce Tiemann

Siteswap height ratios:
Square[1] quotient: (throw less[2] twice[3] dwell)
More than expected!

[2]Dwell lessens air time;
[1]gravity accelerates;
[3]Twice comes from two hands.

Haikus for footnotes?
Do not mention the numbers.
Just know they are there.

Jeremy: “Most effort, most mathematical, AND most ridiculous!”

Congratulations, Bruce – you win an IJA membership!


The Editor’s Choice Award goes out to and Sarah Covington for her haiku:

Rendering assistance to
Fellow jugglers

Scott: “I’m partial to any positive mention of the IJA eZine!”

Honorable mentions go out to Warren Hammond, Dominique and Louis, Alex Trendler, and Louis Barbier.  Thanks to everyone for their entries!  This was a tremendously difficult contest to judge.  A special thanks, too, to celebrity guest tiebreaker judge Jeremy Fein for helping settle the results!

Winners will be contacted shortly about claiming their prizes.

With love and kind regards,

Scott and Thom.

Thom is a professional variety performer, currently touring Europe with Cirque du Soleil's "TOTEM."Thom holds a BA in Germanic Languages and Literatures from Washington University in St Louis and an MS in Nonprofit Arts Administration from Drexel University's Westphal College of Media Arts and Design.When he's not performing, he coaches juggling online and writes about his travels at www.thomwall.com/blog .

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  1. This photo was made 4 years ago on the highest mountain of The Netherlands. This was my third juggling (actually unicycling)convention in my life. It was really fun to go unicycling in the mountains and when we got to the highest point, we had a beautiful sight as you can see 😀

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