Interact! – Photo Contest Winners

Hi, jugglers!

After much deliberation, the powers that be have decided the winners of the Interact! Photo Contest (Landmark Edition!)

Many thanks to all of our wonderful entrants!  Winners will be contacted this week by Scott Seltzer, the eZine Editor, about collecting their prizes.

Be on the lookout for the next Interact! article, where we team up with World Juggling Day 2012 Coordinator Erin Stephens for the WJD 2012 t-shirt design contest!

Scott & Thom

Interact! authors extraordinaire


3. Brian Miller

Brian Miller - July 18, 1996. Juggling in front of Mt. Rushmore, during week of International Jugglers' Association (IJA) '96 festival.


From the judges: “A great picture from a wonderful festival!  Thanks for sharing, Brian!”


2. Greg Owsley

Greg Owsley - On the Great Wall of China - August, 2011


From the judges: “You had to carry five clubs with you halfway across the world in order to take this picture!  You, sir, are a hero.”


1.  Pascale Rabideau

Pascale Rabideau - Juggling in front of the Mona Lisa… I will never forget the look on the security guard’s face…


From the judges: “You’ve got balls for juggling in such a crowded place!”

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