Interact! – Poetry Slam

The Interact! column appears twice a month, and is a place for jugglers to get creative and share with the community.  This column features contests and collaborations of all kinds – photo contests and juggling challenges, prop reviews and essay competitions.  Three winners will be selected each time, with a fantastic prizes from the IJA Store awarded, just to keep it interesting.


This week’s challenge is:

Write a juggling haiku.

Good luck, friends.  Godspeed.


Post your haiku as a comment below.  Only entries that follow the traditional 5-7-5 syllable pattern will be accepted.  Multiple entries per person will be accepted (and encouraged!)  Poems will be evaluated by Thom Wall and Scott Seltzer, who are both tremendously fond of puns and subtle cleverness.  Entries accepted until the end of the day Saturday, February 18, 2012. Winners will be announced on February 22nd, 2012.

Have an idea for a future challenge?  Send an email to Thom Wall – wall@juggle.org.

[Double line breaks don’t display properly in the comments so if you want to submit multiple entries, put a few hyphens in the line between them.] 

Thom is a professional variety performer, currently touring Europe with Cirque du Soleil's "TOTEM."Thom holds a BA in Germanic Languages and Literatures from Washington University in St Louis and an MS in Nonprofit Arts Administration from Drexel University's Westphal College of Media Arts and Design.When he's not performing, he coaches juggling online and writes about his travels at www.thomwall.com/blog .

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  1. There once was a man
    From Nantucket who juggled
    Balls in a bucket.

    [No, I’m not eligible to win the prize (even though I’m definitely deserving), but I’m going to have fun submitting!]

  2. From the ‘Contact Juggling Haiku’ thread on http://www.contactjuggling.org (some of my favorite, reposted)

    Rotate and glimmer . . .
    Four balls in a pyramid
    Float above my hand.


    A Contact Juggler:
    One who plays with their balls and
    Others stop to watch.

    Hands above my head
    No control; drop on my face…
    Ouch! darn bridge roll…

    -Riel Green
    Sil-X is sloshy
    But I can maneuver it
    Down with the Stage ball

    – Rabit

    Dear acrylic ball,
    Why are you attracted so
    To breakable items?


  3. thomas dietz hits de
    juggling nerds rejoice
    gatto’s gotta get
    a ghetto gatto tattoo
    go go gatto go

  4. damn you university
    watching juggling vids all day
    better start learning
    a devilstick haiku
    tic tac tic tac propeller
    spinning every day

  5. just broke a thumb-nail
    catching these new PX3’s,
    blind behind the back.


    seven ball cascade
    every young norwegian kid
    is better than me


    body throws are cool
    dancing is the new big thing
    i have no rhythm


    Little Paul and Co.
    faceless voices on the web
    offering advice


    peden to sweden
    is only five syllables
    so is PeaPot Press


    remember way back
    way before before all this youtube?
    the web’s dark ages


    stage balls seem lonely
    MMX, Russians, Sil-X
    Out with the old? No!


    Perfect and plenty
    gone about your merry way
    never looking back


    Dube is my choice
    for good clubs still made of wood
    and a sweet show room


    germans do it best
    unique catches and great tricks
    guys like Stefan Sing


    Francis Brunn is dead
    Enrico Rastelli, too
    they are my heroes


    spent all my money
    on a set of seven balls
    that i didn’t need.

    -alex, nopoetsplease

  6. Drunk at 4 A.M.
    Playing combat in a church.
    I love Turbofest!


    Pass, pass, self, pass, self.
    J1 crosses, J2 straight.
    Jim’s bookends. Enjoy.

    1. 🙂 nopoetsplease is my rec.juggling alias. thought i’d throw it in at the end for a bit of ironic context.

      on Boppo’s Whiteboard,
      you provide excellent help.
      thanks for everything!


  7. Nopoetsplease writes
    more haiku than anyone
    He may be misnamed!

    Five clubs in doubles,
    Parallel spins look so neat
    Muggles can’t see it.

    Juggling on the moon
    everything moves so slowly
    more height doesn’t help

    Landings will permute
    if throw heights aren’t all the same.
    It looks confusing.

    Seven balls or nine?
    Nine is higher and faster.
    (But takes many years.)

    Thank god for YouTube.
    Now everyone can show off
    instants of great luck.

  8. Fitting in is hard
    Jugglers are my people
    We are all crazy

    Haiku look easy
    Until you try to do one
    They are like siteswaps

    IJA EZine
    Rendering assistance to
    Fellow jugglers

    Throwing and catching
    Dropping is much easier
    Stick to what i know

  9. Catch catch catch catch catch
    catch catch catch catch catch catch catch.
    (Half of a twelve flash.)

    Nineteen syllables
    is barely enough to say
    what needs to be said.

    Adding two dashes
    between each pair of haiku
    makes me look less daft.

    Off-topic haiku
    can not enter this contest;
    Put in some juggling.

    Doing backcrosses,
    clubs seem to fall from above.
    Will the sky run out?

  10. Non-juggle muggle
    How silly to fear mistakes
    No failure – FEEDBACK!

    Hey intensity,
    I channel your energy
    Zing! Zang~! Zap~!! Ka-POW~!!!

  11. Siteswap height ratios:
    Square[1] quotient: (throw less[2] twice[3] dwell)
    More than expected!

    [2]Dwell lessens air time;
    [1]gravity accelerates;
    [3]Twice comes from two hands.

    Haikus for footnotes?
    Do not mention the numbers.
    Just know they are there.

  12. 5 clubs with no drops
    7 balls up and time stops
    syllables, my props

    Parabolic arcs
    Define my state of being
    What? Yes, It’s Juggling

    Here we are again
    The Poetic Motion Machine
    Group mind at the helm

    A siteswap haiku?
    No, the sum’s a prime number
    Sorry juggle dorks

    A trick, look quickly
    at the possibility
    of infinity

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