Interview with Diana Gracheva Stepanova

Diana Gracheva Stepanova is a solo juggler. born in the city of Irkutsk, located in the vast region of Siberia, Russia. Her act is approximately 6 minutes, and she runs very difficult tricks as 7 clubs and 9 hula hoops, among other things.

She has participated in international circus festivals such as the 14th International circus festival “Circuba 2015,” where she received 5 awards, and the international circus competition “Princess of the Circus,” celebrated in Saratov, Russia, where she received the bronze crown.

It is amazing how some jugglers in the Circus Academy of Kiev concentrate so hard on their discipline. They train incredibly long to get their beautiful act down to perfection.

It is a great honor for me to interview her. Here is the interview, enjoy it.

Tell a little about yourself.

There is nothing to tell about. I am 19 years-old student, a third generation juggler.

How did you start juggling?

During our moving, I was put up in one flat with my grandparents. I was watching cartoons all days long, granddad also wanted to watch something, so he gave me couple of potatoes and said “juggle.” That very moment was a starting point.

Tell us a little about you career as an artist.

I’ve juggled since I was 9. As an artist I’ve worked for only the past 2 years. Before it I did training and preparation for performance.

Video of the performance of Diana Gracheva:

In what areas of juggling do you specialize?

I specialize in solo juggling as my skill for group juggling isn’t very good.

Who are your favorite jugglers and why?

My teacher is my grandfather, Valery Grachev. He gave me my base of juggling. And he, in turn, was taught by famous juggler Alexander Kiss.

I am amazed by the art of Sergey Ignatov and Evgeny Bilyauer. I like them for their hard work and excellence.

What are your short and long term goals?

I dream about taking part in a juggling competition in Paris in order to prove that I am good member of my lineage, as my mother did.

Short term I would like to try 8 clubs and 10 rings.

Diana interview with a television network in Russia:

We know that you have participated in international circus festivals. Tell us an anecdote that happened to you at these festivals.

I was in Cuba and Russia on the “Princess of the Circus.” It was my first time abroad. I was amazed by the fact that people there always smile, they are always happy almost always dance. I was greeted very pleasantly. For changing costumes, I was given a flimsy cubicle that was always falling down, so every time I needed to change my dresses, four men from different countries had to hold up the walls for me.

Every day while walking I entertained people on the streets by juggling with coconuts and bananas almost from the trees.

Tell us about your training (how many hours a day?)

I used to have 8 hours of rehearsal a day; now 3 hours for maintaining my level is enough. I don’t have much time because I study at university now. Working at new tricks takes 4 or 5 hours.

Can you give us some advice to our readers?

I can give two pieces of advice:

You have to work very hard to achieve something. That is how I accomplished everything I have now. And you can listen to hundreds of tips but you must do things your own way.

Thank you so much for this great interview.

Thanks to you.

Video with her coach Sergey Ignatov.








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