IRC Oceania 2017


Odette Robbins

Melbourne, Australia

Odette is a graduate of Australia’s leading youth circus company – The Flying Fruit Fly Circus. During her time with the Fruit Flies she fell in love with juggling and has since established herself as Australia’s premier bounce juggler. Her comedic and captivating style of performance has gained her recognition from internationally renowned companies, like Circus Oz, participating in their first ever ‘Strong Women’ program in late 2015. Upon graduating in 2012 from the FFFC after 10 years, Odette was accepted into The Beijing International Art School. She spent 9 months in China training with some of the worlds best bounce jugglers. Having previously been self-taught, the Beijing experience enhanced her abilities and understanding of her skill immensely. Odette’s strong stage presence and mesmerizing talent has recently transported audiences at the 2016 European Juggling Convention and at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe Festival. She is currently based in Melbourne.

Kozo Komatsubara

Aukland, New Zealand

At the tender age of 9, Kozo Komatsubara’s parents took him to see the circus that was visiting his hometown. Ever since walking out of the big top he dreamed of running away with the circus. Soon after he was floored yet again by another performance at a circus, this time by a professional juggler. It was then that he decided to pursue his dream so he taught himself how to juggle. Now, Kozo is one of the youngest professional performers in New Zealand. He has performed nationwide for the likes of Circus Aotearoa and Loritz Circus, as well as at various festivals, stage shows, street festivals, private functions, and corporate events.

Kenny Cheung

Sydney, Australia

Kenny Cheung is a very passionate juggler from Sydney, Australia and has been juggling for 9 years. His main focus is on technical juggling and his favorite prop is clubs.

Over the years, he has accomplished several world records and awards from juggling competitions around the world. He enjoys sharing his art and inspiring others through performing and creating fun videos.

Hazel Bock

Melbourne, Australia

Hazel has performed at countless festivals, circuses and corporate events around Australia and across the globe. After graduating from NICA in 2003, she began her career as a freelance artist, forming her own company, Circus Catharsis, with acrobat Avan Whaite. She also worked with established circus companies including four years with Circus Oz, Circus Quirkus and guest spots with Circus Monoxide and CIRCA.  

Most recently she has been performing with GOP on the German variety circuit. Hazel specializes in Juggling and Foot Juggling. This is one girl with a set of very clever toes.

Joe Fisher

Melbourne, Australia

After learning to juggle and joining Tasmania’s Slipstream Circus at age 6, Joe Fisher has been performing non-stop for the 14 years since and has appeared on stages at circus festivals from New Zealand to The Netherlands, the UK’s Glastonbury Festival and The Falls Festival.

Recognized for his unique, creative juggling style and attention to musical detail, he currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

Lisa Komatsubara

Aukland, New Zealand

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Lisa has been a circus fan since the age of 5 after seeing a circus in her hometown. At the age of 10 she decided she wanted to learn a circus act, so she picked up some mini beanbags and tried out juggling. After a few hours of practice, she juggled 3 balls for the first time. After a few months of practicing up to 5 balls, she decided to practice with other props and become a juggler. And now at the age of 21, Lisa has toured New Zealand top to bottom and has even taken her act to Las Vegas.

Hamish Smithers

Melbourne, Australia

Hamish Smithers has been practicing and performing with the diabolo since he was 11 years old. Now 19, he has performed in numerous conventions around Australia, including several Melbourne Juggling Conventions, Newcastle Juggling Conventions, and Melbourne Spin Festivals, as well as being the special guest at the New Zealand Juggling Festival in 2014.

Lucy Gichrist

Adelaide, Australia

I first picked up juggling at a friends birthday party at Cirkidz, a local youth circus school. I soon found myself attending there and found myself obsessed with all things object manipulation but especially devil sticks and ball juggling. I eventually grew out of my obsession but then rediscovered juggling again a couple of years ago and I doubt I’ll be stopping again soon.

Terry Wells

Noosa Heads, Australia

Terry the Great! Also known as Terry, answers to Terry the Pretty good, Terry The terrible and “hey you put down the weapon”! Famous for his Bad puns and interesting lifestyle choices – to be a juggler. Likes Kittens and Puppies and Plays the ukulele in his spare time! 😉

Congratulations To All Finalists!

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21st of September


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2nd Place Silver Medal


  • $200 USD
  • Silver Medal

3rd Place Bronze Medal


  • $100 USD
  • Bronze Medal

IRCs of the World

Founded in 2011, the IJA Regional Competition (IRC) brings the IJA Stage Championship model to regional festivals around the world.  The goals of this program include:

  • To award competition routines with high caliber performance and technical skill, which are entertaining and marketable to a general public audience;
  • To promote the development and enhancement of juggling within each region;
  • To unite the international juggling community by spreading awareness of the jugglers and juggling culture in each region.

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