Italo Medini Obituary


French – Italian juggling star Italo Medini passed away on April 9th, 2015. He was born in Orleans, France in 1922 and had a long and successful career. He was a master with rings, ball-end clubs, combination tricks, and ball and mouth stick work. His father had been a good friend of Enrico Rastelli and had watched him train and perform often. He passed those skills that he had seen Rastelli perform on to his son, Italo. Medini was best known for being the first juggler to perform 9 rings with a head pedestal balance and a ring on his ankle. He first performed this in 1943. He was also known for his version of Rastelli’s trick of jumping rope while juggling six rings (Rastelli used plates) and spinning a ring on his ankle. Medini’s version was different in that the rope passed through the ring pattern, going under the top four rings! You can see this trick and the rest of Italo’s act by clicking here.



ItaloMedini (853x1280)



Italo Medini’s jump rope trick



When Italo Medini retired from performing, he became a very sought-after coach, first working at the school founded by Annie Fratellini and later at a school he founded. He was also a devoted father and family man. Our condolences go out to his family, students, and friends. The juggling community has lost a great performer and teacher.




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