Jacky Lupescu


Romanian juggler Jacky Lupescu was born Siehe Lupovici in 1919 in Saloniki, Greece, where his family was on tour with a circus. He specialized in complex combination tricks performed both on the ground and on a slack wire. He had a long performing career that began at an early age, when he started performing in a slack wire act with his two sisters.

His juggling act took him all around the world and he enjoyed a long career, performing longer than most circus jugglers.

Jacky married Eliane Knie (1915-2000) of the famous Knie circus family. He lived in Switzerland most of his adult life and was a big influence on many Swiss jugglers.

After retiring, he became a juggling teacher. Among his many students were jugglers Andreas Riedmann and Criselly (Christian Elliker).

Jacky, on the left, training Andreas Riedmann in 1986

Jacky and Eliane had a son, Charles Knie, who was born in 1947. Charles grew up to be a trainer of exotic animals as well as a juggler. He is famous for juggling on the back of rhinos, hippos, and cows. In 1995, he opened Zirkus Charles Knie.

Jacky’s son, Charles Knie

Jacky was also the uncle of famed juggler Nino Rubio.

Nino Rubio

Jacky Lupescu passed away on December 24th, 2012 in Germany.

Here is a video showing Jacky performing.

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