Jay Gilligan, teacher and director – ep8 Juggle Jabber

Juggle Jabber with Daniel Simu
Juggle Jabber with Daniel Simu
Jay Gilligan, teacher and director - ep8 Juggle Jabber

Jay Gilligan is the amazing multifaceted juggler from the US, living in Sweden. We talk about his teaching experience in DOCH, the circus university, about directing, and about using your limited time to make the best juggling possible!

Created by Daniel Simu
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Show notes:
00:14 Milk
01:52 JJ jingle
02:20 Many years of experience
04:50 Participating in the juggling community
08:00 Teaching at Doch in Stockholm
10:25 The juggling curriculum
12:50 Defining contemporary circus
14:15 No juggling technique in class
16:20 Concepts in class
20:05 The closing act
24:38 Passive student attitude
27:30 Fast change in the school
29:35 Advice for aspiring  juggling professionals
31:30 Juggling, the odd one out
34:30 Better than going to school
36:49 The university experience
41:00 Director of juggling
43:15 Working with Cie Defracto on Flaque
48:56 Ghost trick writing
50:55 Directing Magmanus Attached
53:00 Directing school shows
54:34 EaEo duet How To Welcome The Aliens
57:00 What trick to practise
1:02:00 Get an overview on what juggling is out there
1:03:20 Using time resource
1:07:00 Justifying juggling
1:16:40 Find Jay on instagram

People Mentioned:
Luke Wilson
Jacob Sharpe
Wes Peden
Viktor Gyllenberg
Peter Aberg
Maarten Wils
Erik Aberg
Patrik Elmnert
Tony Pezzo
Eric Longequel
Guillaume Martinet
Michael Moschen
Van Kim Tran
André Hidalgo (pilolip)
Greg Kennedy
Ivar Heckscher

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