Juggler’s Scoop – August 20th, 2013

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Juggler’s Scoop is a bi-weekly collection of the latest juggling videos and news bits from around the web.  Here’s the latest scoop!

–  The Colbert Report talks Combat Juggling.

–  Time flies in a time lapse video of the 2013 IJA Festival.

–  Elias Hedlund thinks that all you scientists are crackpots.

–  Alex Barron blasts his way to a new ten ball world record.

–  Teku Contact’s new video explores different combinations with black and white balls.

–  Tim Dresser does some interesting manipulations with three balls on a string in Trigon.

–  Jack Denger has posted a video of everything he filmed this summer.

–  The World Juggling Federation has uploaded endurance and freestyle highlights from WJF 8.

–  David Ferman returns to America’s Got Talent for a fiery performance.

–  Nathan Biggs-Penton gets creative with five balls.

–  A video listing the Top 7 Venezuelan Jugglers as voted by people is now online.

–  David Cain shows off his best boomerang tricks and boomerang juggling.

–  Even though it is probably not edible, Kellin Quinn’s new video is a lot Like Peanut Butter.

–  Max Winfrey has set a new world record in axe juggling.

–  Mari Stoknes & Neta Oren collaborate in a new video, but end up with Disappointed Hands.

–  A group of of Japanese cigar box jugglers recently met up with Eric Bates and filmed an epic cigar box video.

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Nathan is a juggler from Southeast Michigan. He first learned to juggle in college, and has written for the website Streetjuggling.com. He previously served as Chairman of the IJA and also held various officer positions. When he is not frantically trying to learn new manipulation skills, he enjoys producing music, acting, and watching horror films.

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