Juggler’s Scoop – October 25, 2015

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Juggler’s Scoop is a bi-weekly collection of the latest juggling videos and news bits from around the web.  Here’s the latest scoop!

– Chris Jost gets creative with his juggling outside in ‘Dance, Monkey‘.

– David Cain pulls off the impossible trick.

– Noel Yee explains the Necessity of 40 Patterns from the Vulcan Tech Gospel.

– Zak Mcallister demonstrates some new sequences in ‘Chiptune‘.

– Ofek Snir has set a new world record in 7 ball juggling.

– Willy Colombaioni has become the second person in recorded history to qualify eight clubs.

– Lorq Nichols has unveiled his new project, Spin Science.

– Jen Slaw appeared on television recently to discuss how to achieve a good life balance through juggling.

– Piers Van Looy showcases the skills of Ed Cliffe, who took a break from chopping wood to do a little ball and cigar box manipulation.

– Norb shows off the real behind the neck shower.

– Jorden Moir goes insane with a little 9 ball juggling.

– Scott Sorensen has set a new five ring with a headbounce record.

– Team Juggling Play showcases the abilities of David R. C.

– Daniel Menendez has some juggling and Halloween fun.

– Jacob Sharpe tries his best with an in-progress ball routine.

– Shawn from everydayjuggler.com has started posting weekly juggling highlight reels.

Nathan is a juggler from Southeast Michigan. He first learned to juggle in college, and has written for the website Streetjuggling.com. He previously served as Chairman of the IJA and also held various officer positions. When he is not frantically trying to learn new manipulation skills, he enjoys producing music, acting, and watching horror films.

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