Kati Ylä-Hokkala, Gandini Juggling – ep14 Juggle Jabber

Kati Yla Hokkala is the cofounder of Gandini Juggling, perhaps the world’s most successful juggling company. We talk about how she started out, her background in rhythmic gymnastics, creating shows, passing, and much more.

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Created by Daniel Simu – http://danielsimu.com
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Show notes:
0:30 Finnish words
01:10 Blue Machine
01:45 How Kati started juggling
05:30 Learning juggling
06:20 Incorporating movement
08:10 Making simple juggling look so….
09:45 Sharing patterns
12:00 Juggling for a living
13:50 Getting married to join Ra-Ra Zoo
15:05 Rythmic gymnastics in Finland
21:00 Running the largest juggling company
22:10 Becoming producers
25:30 Growing the company
29:50 Juggling as high art
35:45 Comercial performance
38:05 Subsidies
41:05 Being based in London
42:00 Performing in circus and variete
45:15 Meeting amazing jugglers
46:30 Making juggling tricks
48:55 Preparing tricks for performance
51:15 Collaborating with dancers
54:58 Revisiting old shows
56:25 Glass bounce cube
58:30 Kati’s current shows
01:00:10 Future ambitions
01:03:30 Training the next generation
01:07:00 Juggling a Wes trick

People mentioned:
Sean Gandini
Gil Clarke
John Hole
José Triguero
Chris Patfield
Wes Peden
Mike Day
Lindsey Butcher
Gabriel Prokofiev
Alexander Whitley
Encho Keryazov
Manu Laude
Inaki Sastre
Owen Reynolds
Sergei Ignatov
Kim Huynh
John Blanchard
Christopher Owston

Daniel Simu

I am a juggler and circus performer from the Netherlands. I travel all over Europe to learn, create, discuss, perform and organise, and I am always looking for fun projects to join! Feel free to contact me about anything :)

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