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In this interview Shawn from Everyday Juggler speaks with Kenny about what drives him to lead the way in pushing the limits of juggling. It comes down to two primary things: first it’s just fun and second moving forward with the juggling community is inspiring. He also shares a little bit what it’s like to juggle in Australia, what he wanted to communicate through his ToTM video and gives some words of inspiration to the juggling community at large. Tune in to hear more!




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In addition to TotM Profile videos, be sure to check out my Weekly Juggling Highlight Reels and Juggler Interviews at my Youtube channel Now a little about me...My mother wanted to make sure I was “cultured.” I grew up going to music and drama performances, playing instruments, singing in choirs and playing sports. I have been juggling since 1999. I received my B.A. in Intercultural Studies in 2009 and obtained my Masters of Theological Studies in 2013. I like to pass the time by juggling, spending time with people and partnering to make the world a better place. You can find me here and on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Periscope @shawnlives

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