Ladies Malabaristas

Thanks to the Facebook group called “Ladies Malabaristas,” the IJA has collaborated to create a video featuring female jugglers from around the world. This is Part 1 of what we hope will be an ongoing project. Part 2 will be coming soon!

While many continue to think there are not many female jugglers in the world, this Facebook group of only female jugglers has quickly grown to over 950 members. The goal of these videos are to inspire and unite female jugglers from around the world, and spread awareness of the talents of “ladies malabaristas.”

Original Idea by: Carolina Garrafo, Erin Stephens, Brenda Corso, Estefania Ramos.

Editing By: Brenda Corso.

Featured Jugglers: Francoise Rochais, Valeria Arboleda, Erin Stephens, Carol Garrafo, Livia LaPinta, Barbara Francesquine, Camile Bastos, Fuensanta Rodriquez, Marylou, Estefania Ramos, Brenda Corso, Silvia Maytorena, Marius Dince, Lulu Di, Victoria Alvarez, Delaney Bailes, Irene Carrier, Ciruela, and Julieta Oriol.

If you are interested in being part of future Ladies Malabaristas videos, contact Brenda Corso at:

This year, Erin Stephens is celebrating her 25th Juggling Anniversary. She is an active part of the IJA, having been a founding member of the IJA Regional Competitions, Tricks of the Month video series, eJuggle, and spearheaded the IJA social media platforms since 2012. Erin is also a performer... #kickinit

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