Luca Pferdmenges, young prodigy – ep4 Juggle Jabber

Juggle Jabber with Daniel Simu
Juggle Jabber with Daniel Simu
Luca Pferdmenges, young prodigy - ep4 Juggle Jabber

Luca Pferdmenges is a young but super strong juggler! We’re at the Dutch Juggling Championships where Luca is competing for a few titles. We talk about how he got this good and what he’s up to.

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Find Luka at (his vlog)

Passing act with Foppe:

Show notes:

0:10 start interview
0:28 Dutch Juggling Championships
1:40 how did Luka become so good
3:20 training routine
4:35 Banana juice
4:55 youngest 11 ball flash
7:15 performing with stories
9:09 Luca’s future
10:20 watching videos
11:35 tricks to practice
12:10 one and a half man show
13:03 different passing techniques
14:20 performing with Jonglissimo
15:35 finding Luca online
16:20 trick!

People mentioned:
Anthony Gatto
Jack Denger
Foppe Coenen
Julius Preu
Annieke Blase
Dave Leahy
Daniel Ledel
Dominik Harant

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