Marco Bonisimo, football juggler – ep1 Juggle Jabber

Juggle Jabber with Daniel Simu
Juggle Jabber with Daniel Simu
Marco Bonisimo, football juggler - ep1 Juggle Jabber

Juggle Jabber is my new vidcast/podcast, where I take jugglers for a drink and interview them about their expertise! As I’m based in the Netherlands, I get to hang out mostly with European jugglers, and I hope I can make a valuable addition to the existing interview shows from Dan Holzman and Shawn Livingston.

I’m very excited, because this weekend the first 3 episodes will be published for you! Today you can listen to my interview with Marco Bonisimo, tomorrow will be Luke Burrage, and on Sunday the 22nd my guest is Gregor Kiock. All three of them have great stories to share and have accumulated so much experience and knowledge over the years. I hope I’m able to present their insights in a way that is enjoyable and educational to you!

All episodes will be posted both in video and audio format, and will appear here on eJuggle. You’re very welcome to follow Juggle Jabber on Facebook, where I might also post additional news from time to time. Also you can subscribe to the IJA video channel on YouTube or add the podcast RSS feed to your favorite aggregator. The mp3 file of the podcast can be downloaded straight from SoundCloud.

Juggle Jabber ep1

Marco Bonisimo is a football juggler from the Netherlands. We talk about Guinness World Records, his personal life, juggling stories, and of course football juggling!

You can also listen to the audio version of this episode on SoundCloud:

Find Marco online:

Show notes:

2:20 start interview
2:50 circolo festival
3:10 Duo Diesel
3:38 3 – Tent company
5:02 Starting with juggling
8:30 motivation for juggling
10:55 juggling before siteswaps
11:55 circus school de Hoogte
15:10 Feeling human by juggling
16:25 Guinnes world record
19:38 1 minute of 5 basketballs
20:45 training for the record
23:30 benefits of the Guinnes records
25:00 organising an attempt
26:23 Meeting his footbagging family
29:15 Marco’s father & secret half brother
32:50 starting with footballs
33:30 opening the EJC 2008
35:15 football juggling in the Netherlands
37:05 growing through failure
38:25 jugglers are awesome
39:45 convention invitations
40:10 juggling

People Mentioned:

Jirin Meilgaard
Winston Plowes
Bas Rijksen
Victor Rubilar
Isidro Silveira
Michiel Hesseling
Jeroen Rechtien

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I am a juggler and circus performer from the Netherlands. I travel all over Europe to learn, create, discuss, perform and organise, and I am always looking for fun projects to join! Feel free to contact me about anything :)

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