Matthew Tiffany, old school props & music – ep5 Juggle Jabber

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Matthew Tiffany is a British professional juggler and musician. The amazing Tiff rides the train with me on our way back from a convention, and we talk about music, old school tricks, juggling sport and hobbies.

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Show notes:

0:34 Winter Juggling Weekend
1:05 Going from 12 balls to oldschool
4:47 Siteswaps and combinations
6:20 Communicating the feeling of a trick
7:58 Oldschool inspiration and sourcing
10:45 Building props
12:30 Juggling as sport and on stage
15:02 Musical concepts in juggling
20:05 Multitasking in tricks
23:26 Switching trains
23:48 Why Matthew started juggling
25:10 Younger jugglers doing your tricks
26:42 Hobby jugglers
29:26 Selling your soul
32:15 Silly and serious skill
34:08 Performing
36:50 Invite to conventions
37:40 Research history
38:10 Wise words on safe juggling
40:08 Dickhead

People Mentioned:

Ryo Yabe
Lewis Kennedy
Ben Beever
Dan Wood
Francis Brunn
Dave Grohl
William Everhart
Bob Bramson
Alexander Kiss
David Cain
Jamie Fletcher
Luke Wilson
Rastelli clowns
Flying Karamazovs
Paul Magid
Mark Appelbaum
Laurence Marshall
Toby Walker
Anthony Gatto
Thomas Dürrfeld
Paul Taylor
Johann Sebastian Bach
Ludvig van Beethoven
Denis Klopov
Sergei Ignatov

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