Miller by Nathan Biggs-Penton

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Miller is an attempt to share a bit more about how I think about juggling and to help me through circus school. The movie is broken down into eight main sections and seven smaller ones. Each of the eight larger sections document the results of different research ideas during my year in Sweden. The smaller sections consist of some of my favorite sequences, getting stuck in elevators, British beat boxing, some fun facts about Chicago, among others. At the end of the movie there is a short thanks to the Miller family. These great friends were the people that taught me to juggle, encouraged me, and introduced the world of juggling to me by constantly playing old IJA footage on the Television. This movie is largely in thanks to them. The final goal is to share ideas about juggling in hopes that others will take them and push them in new directions to expand the world of juggling. Enjoy!

Below are three bonus sections that were created especially for this exclusive release to IJA Members:

The first bonus video is highlights from a 20 minute club piece I did at Flip Fest in Minneapolis.

The second is a work in progress of a head movement, or lack of movement, research I am doing.

The third is one of my favorite parts of this collection. It is my first mixed prop routine and is based around the figure 8 hanging shape made with two rings and a club. If that is unclear, check out the video.

I would love to hear what you think about it or to see some ideas you got from it!


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I love how beautiful juggling can be. I am constantly striving to create beautiful juggling. Currently I study at École de Cirque de Québec and am a part of Company McQuiggs! Check it out!