Mind Blown Collab Video – Pinball and BBB

We are excited to present the first video of the new IJA video series – Mind Blown!

Mind Blown – Pinball and BBB – 2016!"Mind Blown" is a new IJA collaboration video series for eJuggle, organized and edited by Gino Crovetto of Perú. Each video will focus on a different style of juggling. Various jugglers from around the world specializing in that style, will be invited to contribute. Thanks to all the awesome jugglers who contributed super crazy tricks for this first video! #mindblown #ija

Posted by International Jugglers' Association on Thursday, March 17, 2016

This is a collaboration video series. Each video will focus on a different style of juggling, and various jugglers from around the world who specialize in that style will be invited to contribute. This first video of the series, highlighting Pinball and BBB, features the following jugglers:

Komei Aoki (Japan), Łukasz Uczkiewicz (Poland), Albe Assouad (Italy), Gino Crovetto (Peru), Javier Fernandez (Costa Rica), Gonzalo Purvis (Argentina), Erin Stephens (USA), Erick Lazarte (Peru), Till Rautert (Germany), Kohei Take (Japan), Christian Padilla (Ecuador), Spencer Androli (Peru), Adam Kapilow (USA), Lucas Adverse (Brazil), Hugo Parada (Chile), and Zak McAllister (USA).

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed!

The Mind Blown – Pinball/BBB organizing team consisted of: Jorge Vilchis, Lucas Adverse, Erin Stephens, and editor, Gino Crovetto.

Gino Crovetto is the editor of the “Mind Blown” video series. He is from Lima, Peru and has been juggling for 5 years. When asked to describe why he likes juggling, in 7 words, he answered, “It is very very very very fun."

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