Annual General Meeting – July 22, 2015

  1. Call to Order

Chair, Nathan Wakefield, called the meeting to order at   11:15 AM  EDT.

  1. Roll

Present Board Members: Nathan Wakefield, Noel Yee, Warren Hammond

Absent Board Members: Bob Neuman, Louie Skaradek, Jared Davis, Kyle Johnson

  1. Agenda Approval

Motion: Noel

Second: Warren

  1. 2015 Reports

2015 IJA Festival (Véronique Provencher)

Discussion:  Festival looks like it will be about break even. Awesome fund is being used for a box party, water balloon, juggling, piñata, and more. 35k grant for outdoor events.


IJA Programs:

  • IRCs (Erin Stephens)
  • Discussion: Erin Stephens was not present.
  • eJuggle (Nathan Wakefield)

Discussion: Content is regular.

  • Youth Juggling Academy (Ellen Winters)

Discussion: No longer offering certifying courses, but merit badges are successful. Working on a new website. Some concern about funding.

  • WJD (Erin Stephens)
  • Discussion: Erin Stephens was not present.

Membership (Nathan Wakefield)

Discussion:  Membership document did not print in time for meeting. However, reports indicate that overall membership is declining, though there was a small bump in membership for the Wes and Tony video.

AMS Report (Nathan Wakefield)

Discussion: Unna Med funded. Your Membership went into play 11/3/2014. Paid through 2017. Not fully migrated as of yet.

  1. Future Reports:

Future Board Members (Erin Stephens)

Discussion: Erin Stephens was not present.

2016 IJA Festival (Nathan Wakefield)

Discussions: This will be in El Paso. Jim Maxwell is the Festival Director. Affordable hotel rooms, and everything is within a four block radius.

Future Festival (Mike Sullivan)

Discussions: 2017 will be in Cedar Rapids, IA, and 2018 will be in Springfield, MA. Moving away from college campuses due to changing dorm policies.

Executive Director (Lloyd Timberlake)

Discussions: Warren spoke about how this has been stalled due to lack of resources. Looking for someone to lead the search. Possibly fund a Gauntlet for next year.

  1. Open Discussion (15 Minutes Total)

Questions about eJuggling payments, and funding.

  1. Adjourn the Meeting

Motion: Noel

Meeting adjourned at: 12:20