Board Meeting – April 25th, 2016

  1. Call to Order

Chair, Nathan Wakefield, called the meeting to order at: 7:35 PM pm EDT

2. Roll: Nathan Wakefield, Louie Skaradek, Bob Neuman, Noel Yee, Marvin Ong, Shivella Schwab, Mike Sullivan, Afton Benson, Erin Stephens, Martin Frost, Jim Maxwell, Jared Davis

Present: Nathan, Louie, Noel, Shivella, Mike, Afton, Jim, Jared Davis

Absent: Bob, Marvin, Erin, Martin

  1. Approval of Agenda

Motion: Noel

Second by: Shivella

Discussion: Nil

Vote: Unanimously Approved

4. Approval of Minutes:

March 21st, 2016

Motion: Shivella

Second: Louie

Discussion: Nil

Vote:  Unanimously Approved


  1. Reports (Please keep verbal reports to 5 min or less except for festival and future festival discussion)


Financial Report (Afton Benson)

Discussion: Lengthy phone call with Afton and  Dennis… going forward things worked for where things are categorized, should be smoother and better. Hammered out the way items are reported. Nothing outrageous on the P&L.


2016 IJA Festival Report (Jim Maxwell)

Discussion: Opening with… google docs… sharing new link … check.

Try and promote Dahl workshop more. Maybe some links – generate interest – promote on facebook. Recruited OddLab to do fire night, from El Paso. Some have purchased packages, bring in some other members – give them up to 10 day passes for performance on friday night, and will supervise the fire jam. Also invited them to offer workshops on fire safety and performance. Championships determined, in report. New artists confirmed – all in newsletter this week. Marvin and Bruce performing – part of IJA. Workshops team established. Need a list to email to about workshops – current info from Dave Pawson 2014. YM directory function – initial list of who offered workshops last year, gather from Quebec? Going to use the 2014 list. Web forms to solicit ideas for games. Gauntlet team is active, doing fund raising. Trophy place contacted about ordering more items. Wording for the plaques… Nathan will get some items together to get out to Jim and cc the board and relevant persons. Awards will be presented 1 on tuesday, 1 on wed, 1 on thurs, 2 on saturday. Presented after intermissions. Still need to find some people to present awards. Lucas Cup upgrade is still up in the air. Harris – only thru Scott Seltzer.


Marketing (Erin Stephens)

Discussion: …


YJA (Ellen Winters)

Discussion: …

eJuggle Report (Scott Seltzer)

Discussion: …


Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)

Discussion: …


IRC (Erin Stephens)

Discussion: …

Future Festival Planning (Mike Sullivan)

Discussion: Mike – went to NASC in grand rapids – 80 appointments with places. 10-12 solid leads. Mike following up with them now. NASC and Mike covered expenses. Went really well. Connect Market Place – later this year. Top Places: Fort Wayne, CA, OK – Tulsa, Syracuse, Rochester North, Birmingham Alabama, VA, Rhode Island, MD, Alabama – Huntsville.

Website Report (Louis Skaradek)

Discussion: Take it offline yall.


  1. Motions for Consideration
  2. Motion to Amend Article VII of the Bylaws from:

    “The corporation shall publish an official publication for its members. Such publication shall be published quarterly during the calendar year, subject to such increase or decrease as the Board of Directors may determine. The Annual Roster shall be an international directory of members of the Corporation which shall be published by the Corporation once during the calendar year.”


“The corporation shall publish an official publication for its members. Such publication shall be published regularly throughout the year, and the format may include print, digital ezine, or other medium as selected by the Board of Directors. A Membership Roster shall exist in a defined medium as an international directory of members of the Corporation.”

Motion: Louie

Second: Shivella

Discussion: Reasons – first part is very much outdated. Updates to modern times. Roster part updated. Change it especially if we are not doing quarterly publications and roster listing.

Vote: Unanimously Approved – Passes – Nathan will update.

B: Motion to accept the revised P&L for 2015 ending December 31, 2015

Profit & Loss 2015

Motion: Shivella

Second: Louie

Discussion: Accept? Some money has been shifted around according to Dennis and Afton action. Numbers are the same, but in different places. Approving these will allow Dennis to work on the 990 forms.

Vote: Unanimously Approved

  1. Motion: Motion to accept the revised Balance Sheet ending December 31, 2015.

Balance Sheet 2015

Motion: Shivella

Second: Louie

Discussion: Nil

Vote:  Unanimously Approved


  1. Varia:
  1. Cedar Rapids Festival Director – offer was turned down. Need to find a festival director. Possible Mondo Team. Put out general feelers. Possible – Never Thriving jugglers from Minneapolis. Noel looking into things – 2014 festival director. Jim says – check with the Mondo group. Possible Ross B for Mass Festival 2018.
  2. Lucas Cup – not working, need to find someone to work on it. Trophy by Albert Lucas, The Lucas Cup – presented onstage, historical piece, winners named are etched onto the bottom. New tier and etchings. City museum – Castley Crew. Jessica, Circus Harmony.


  1. Set May Meetings

Next Vision Planning Meeting – May 9th 7:30 pm ET.

Next Board Meeting – May 23rd 7:30 pm ET.


  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn: Shivella

Discuss: Nil

Voting: Unanimously Approved

Meeting adjourned at 8:53 pm ET.