Board Meeting – April 7, 2014

Planning Board Meeting April 7, 2013

6:00pm Pacific Time
Call In Information:
Toll-Free Dial-In Number: 1.800.977.8002
Participant Conference Code: 189209#

1. Call to Order

Chair, Erin Stephens, called the meeting to order at  6:05 pm PST.

2. Discussions

  • New Bookkeeper Update (Lloyd)
    • Will talk to others to gauge continuing interest.
    • Lloyd will find times to set up talks between candidates, Scott, and Erin.
    • Three good candidates, in addition to another who wanted to determine interest.
      • Can use Doodle Poll
    • Really important to get this off Holly’s plate, based on her original wishes.
    • Phone conversation with Holly.
      • Payment situation.
      • Transition availability.
    • Questions to include:
      • International experience.
    • Target: Interviews complete by next meeting.
  • Membership Brainstorm
    • Discussion on membership, situation, and plans to address.
    • Affiliates
      • No time to dedicate this year.  Our designated people have been unable to dedicate their time.
      • Jim Maxwell – affiliates officer.
      • To do – check back in with him.  (Lloyd)
        • Brochure promoting IJA membership.
        • Plan @ upcoming festival.
        • Straw man requests from affiliates .
        • Give and take information between IJA and affiliates.
        • Regional festival representation.
    • Latin-American Jugglers
      • IJA has lots of prestige there.
      • Certification from the IJA for teaching, funding, etc.
        • Association with IJA (Affiliates program)
        • YEP
    • Effort through Noel to get members through Flow community.
      • Flow tricks of the month.
        • Poi, Staff
      • Flow members coming to the IJA festival this year.
      • Flow show in Chicago.
      • Increasing cool factor
    • Fire community
      • 2 fire nights this year.
      • FIRE is a fire performance troupe.
      • Lots of overlap between Flow and
      • Cyrille Humen (fire “god”) is a special guest at the festival.
      • Hoopers, too .
    • YJA program
      • Button program about to be launched.  Achievement awards.
      • Fund raiser at the festival.
      • IJA membership encouragement.
    • Huge online community we’ve built.
      • Facebook, Youtube.
      • How to turn into membership?
      • Change in model?
      • Memberships are on the way out.  Its going on the way out in general.
      • Continuing the membership model or looking at other models.
      • Advertising on eJuggle
      • Cross-sell things on the store?
        • Mike sullivan & Jared – we should get rid of the store completely, because we don’t have the people to do so.
      • Monthly FB post.  If you like this, help support the IJA and become a member.
        • Exclusive stuff, as well as supporting the community.
        • In spanish.
      • Paypal is only way for people to join membership.
        • Some countries do not allow paypal for membership .
    • Schools & children’s outreach.
      • Want to talk to Jim about plans for affiliates.
      • YJA plans.
    • IJA awareness – merchandise donation to festivals.
      • Included fliers sent to each festival.
      • Can check into current distributor to see if that’s a possibility.
    • Members’ only content needs hype.
      • Sometimes things aren’t advertised enough.
      • Wes Peden’s hype was great.  Every members-only content should be hyped similarly.
    • Direct-mail campaign?
      • To juggling clubs, universities with juggling clubs, offering discounts on memberships if people join.
      • Join today and get a free gift.
        • Buttons, stickers, Iron-ons?
    • Festival Presence
      • Online registration only can be problematic.
      • Latin-american festivals can have issues.
    • Amazon Smile Program
      • Scott will look into setting up.
    • Membership drive last year on World Juggling Day.
      • 34 new members in one day.
      • One membership drive/year and one donation drive/year.
      • Donations could be in Nov/Dec.
    • Need to have people to do these.
      • Probably at next planning meeting for delegation.
      • Realistic/do-able/timely.
      • Send out list earlier so people can
      • Update people on this.
  • 2014 Festival Update
    • Renegade, site, school didn’t know they needed to set up registration for housing & food, as stated in the contract.
    • Plan to have an all-department meeting.
    • They’ll give us an answer in 6 more days.
    • Have performers approaching organizers to offer acts for show.
    • Championship entries are may 15th.
    • Promotional video is going to be released very soon.
      • Suggestions to add some poi stuff, to help with Flow community.
      • Cyrille promo tape.
  • 2015 Festival Update
    • Contracts to be approved at upcoming meeting.
    • Promotional plan created, to begin at this year’s festival.
      • Online landing page.
      • Stickers to hand out.
      • Grant of $10,000 to make 6 videos, one of them an IJA 2015 promo video.
    • Grant providers from CA will attend this year’s festival to see what it is like.
    • Banking situations between US and CA banking.
    • Taxes between the two countries.  (Will hopefully be informed by new book keeper).

3. Confirm April 27, 5:30pm PST for next board meeting.

4. Adjourn
Lloyd  made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:00  pm PST.