Board Meeting – August 24th, 2015


  1. Call to Order

Chair, Nathan Wakefield, called the meeting to order at: 7:35 pm EDT

2. Roll: Nathan Wakefield, Louie Skaradek, Warren Hammond, Bob Neuman, Noel Yee, Marvin Ong, Shivella Schwab, Mike Sullivan, Afton Benson, Erin Stephens, Martin Frost, Jim Maxwell

Present: Nathan, Louie, Bob, Noel, Shivella, Mike, Afton, Erin, Jim, Martin

Absent: Warren, Marvin, (Martin in at 7:53 )


  1. Approval of Agenda

Motion: Bob

Second by: Shivella

Discussion: Possible change of motion order. Sound Fine. Move motion E to Motion A. Making it happen. Done.

Vote: Unanimously Approved

4. Approval of Minutes:

July 18th, 2015

Motion: Bob

Second: Shivella

Discussion: Point out – These are the Minutes for the quick board meeting just before the festival 2015.

Vote: Unanimously Approved

July 22, 2015 AGM

Motion: Louie

Second: Bob

Discussion: Point out – From the General Meeting at the Festival 2015. Notes were taken by Dave Pawson and then transcribed by Nathan.

Vote: Unanimously Approved

July 23rd, 2015

Motion: Noel

Second: Shivella

Discussion: Point out – at the festival Motions voted on after general meeting to establish the set-up of the new year/term.

Vote: Unanimously Approved

  1. Reports (Please keep verbal reports to 5 min or less except for festival and future festival discussion)


Financial Report (Afton Benson)

Discussion: Dennis working on finishing up final everything. Attendance Down, some issues contributed to break-even / loss. Some of the contract money was converted wrong. So there will be some fixes to happen. Random things were paid out, don’t know if they were snuck-up on us  or part of the budget. There needs to be a little better system for next time. Contract bombardment the day of payment not a good system – need to get those to Afton earlier. Dennis became overwhelmed with the money and payments and receipts. Possibly over by: $2,066.89 aprox. … conversion difference.

Have Afton contact them for a return of payment. Afton / Martin crossover.


2016 IJA Festival Report (Jim Maxwell)

Discussion: Concerns about El Paso being isolated. By end of week people were enthusiastic. Possible cash payouts. – possibly PayPal? figuring out the best way – paypal or wire the money. No cash payments, because of the prize amount. People can go to the Bank of America branch, possibly.Send out to the finalist a month before the festival about payment types. Paypal, then a check, not cash. Get the championship rules changed online with this info, after there is some figuring out. And have it in the contract clearly. Una Med showing interest in the Gauntlet Creation, get it from Austin to El Paso. Work on a fund matching system for the Gauntlet to garner more donations from the people. Budget being worked on next.


YJA Report (Ellen Winters)

Discussion:  Not one this month. Ellen had a table set up and selling Merit Badges. Sold buttons to adults more than children. They sold well, things are working. Integrating more flow into the system. Flow Badges to follow.

eJuggle Report (Scott Seltzer)

Discussion: IRC Mexico and Costa Rica member only videos coming soon as well.

Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)

Discussion: none

IRC (Erin Stephens)

Discussion: Huge success in Costa Rica and Mexico. Promotion is being refined this year. Huge buzz created interest for the next years. IRC South America in Peru. The Facebook advertising is working well. Prelim madness – there could be hundreds in the prelim. Deadline Sep 15th. Crew is solid and hip. IRC’s are growing and going strong! Erin!

Marketing (Erin Stephens)

Discussion: Woot! On site went well. Videos rocked out many views and shares. Future looks bright.

AMS (Mike Sullivan)

Discussion: Moving forward, integration with Mike and Erin working towards design and transition. Front end makeover. Back end is cool.


  1. Motions for Consideration
  2. Motion to approve conducting a request for bids from Marketing Companies, Sept. 1 – 15 – to work with website transition and general IJA branding/marketing strategies.


Call For Marketing Bids


Motion: Bob


Second: Shivella


Discussion: Outlines what is needed / wanted, deadline is September 15th. Going over our market and brand and look, content transition, copywriting. Using the power of a marketing company funded by Unna Med. Starting Oct 1st – hopefully being done by mid-November. Make sure marketing company makes the site attractive to the International Community. Make it universal. Who is our target market, have it all integrate. Develop content to our markets. And to create a ‘universal’ IJA brand. Make sure we have a plan to do this quickly and at the same time preserve the historical website content. Also bring eJuggle together into the fold. Make sure the company knows that we are using the YM site. Where is this call going out? Newsletter, ejuggle article, facebook, find places where marketing companies post job listings too. Or look for work.


Vote: Unanimously Approved


  1. Motion to include the Excellence in Education award as an honorary award for consideration under the discretion of the Awards Committee.


Motion: Bob

Second: Louie

Discussion: Moving from Ward and Finnagan – taking it under the IJA umbrella. Need to work out some of the details of the award. Confirm that we have the blessing to take over this award. Extra expense – a different kind of award. Worked it into the same as our classics. This goes well with the YJA becoming more prevalent. Gonna get alot of nominations. Criteria – outlined on our page… looks good. – Need to update the website copy. Jim and Bob to touch base about the people to have on this committee for El Paso and the future.

Vote: Unanimously Approved


  1. Motion to accept the 2015 2nd Quarter Profit and Loss Statement.

2nd Quarter Profit and Loss Statement

Motion: Shivella

Second: Bob

Discussion: Breaking out the Pre Payments. Do we put the prepays on this year or the years for were they actually take place? Split and allocate so that we see what each festival year costs us. Package plans break out – take out of festival income other.

Maybe we need a detail statement for all the proper festival income and expenditure. Needs to be massaged into a better page for readability and actual facts presented in a readable way. Book-keeper and Treasurer need to make this comparable Fes to Fes. Need to figure out a plan going forward to make the year to year accounting better. Make a standardized budget template and worksheet / workbook going forward.



Motion to table this Motion: Bob Second: Louie  Vote: Unanimously Tabled

All send critiques to Afton to create a better document and re-vote next time.


  1. Motion to accept the 2015 2nd Quarter Balance Sheet.

2nd Quarter Balance Sheet

Motion: Shivella

Second: Bob

Discussion: Better – more straight forward.

Vote: Unanimously Approved


  1. Motion to approve IJA Chairman Nathan Wakefield to apply for an IJA Small Business Credit Card through Bank of America with additional card holders Afton Benson (Treasurer) Dennis Morrison (Bookkeeper) and Jim Maxwell (Festival Director 2016).


Motion: Louie

Second: Shivella

Discussion:  Card to be used for organization business, will get many reward points if we use this card.  Board members must sign, non profit organization

“Friendly Amendment: Motion to Amend: Adding Jim Maxwell – Nathan Second: Shivella”

More Discussion: Limits need to be discussed with all involved, what is the limit, maybe raise around festival time. Have a non signer that can be allowed into the account for checks and balances. Two people to sign: Bob and Shivella. Bob – will possibly be the extra checker.

Vote: Unanimously Approved


  1. Varia:
  1. IJA Stage Championship Prize Money promotion. “IJA’s Juggling World Championships”


Discussion: Possible rebranding – get the buzz and interest up? We do have international competitors, possible name changeish – but that is a little too wordy. No real reason to pursue name change.


  1. Officer Positions.


Discussion: Start asking for letters of interest. Letters to be sent to find out if people want to continue in position. Need to fill some of the description gaps – need some write up –  – Louie will write up the gaps.


  1. Set September Meetings

Next Vision Planning Meeting – September 14th 7:30pm ET.

Next Board Meeting – September 21st 7:30 pm ET.

  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn: Shivella

Discuss: none

Voting: Unanimously  Approved

Meeting adjourned at 9:26 pm ET.